Washingtonians Thrive In A Plastic Bubble

By: Ken Hughes

There’s Washington and there’s everywhere else and rarely do the two meet. For as much communication as there is between the government and the outside world Washington had just as well be encased in a plastic bubble prohibiting outside contamination from fouling the atmosphere inside. Politicians have gotten away with corrupting government because the voters were apathetic for the most part in past years. When a crises such as the current situation with a faltering economy and an out of control administration comes up politicians aren’t prepared for publics immediate and strong reactions. The public is speaking and the Washingtonians aren’t hearing them. That’s a recipe for some serious changes when the midterm elections roll around in November. What these veteran politicians don’t seem to understand is once every two years the common citizen becomes kings and queens for an hour with real power the moment they enter the voting booth.

Voting as its practiced today is uniquely and American institution developed over years of trial and error. In George Washington’s day he had his supporter’s man barrels of whisky at the door of the voting station, each voter was given a dipper of whisky on the way in and one more on the way out if they voted for candidate George Washington. It hasn’t been a very long road from George’s whiskey bribes to today’s political promises. Those inside the bubble feel a compulsion to top yesterday’s promises with even greater promises today by assuming their very existence depends on bringing home the bacon without regard for whose paying for the hog. The Washington vernacular is loaded with words and phrases the mainstream media is left to explain to the public. These words and phrases change with administrations to deliberately fool the public into thinking things have changed when in fact they haven’t and can’t. Something doesn’t change simply because the name changes. It’s been said the easiest person to fool is the fool, [ergo] a politicians has to be on that list of people who can easily be fooled.

Some of those politicians have been in the Washington bubble so long they think their home districts are vacation spots. They’ve adopted the Washington “one size fits all” mentality and no longer recognize their districts individual needs. That’s the very reason they were sent to Washington in the first place. Congress was never intended to be a career position. It was an opportunity for men [and later women] to serve their communities. It was the founding fathers way of giving the opportunity for anyone so inclined to participate in government service. Over the years congress has provided incomes and perks to inviting for most to give up. There are a lot of congress persons and bureaucrats who’ve managed to penetrate the Washington bubble who couldn’t qualify for a job at a McDonalds drive up window if they were out in the real world.

Millions of concerned citizens have become Tea Party advocates for the sole purpose of busting the Washington bubble. Despite what the mainstream media says and the liberal left does to discourage the movement it gains in popularity by the day. 24% of the country is sympathetic to or members of a neighborhood Tea Party movement. That‘s only 2% fewer than those still holding on to the Obama myth of hope and change. The title of Tea Party is a misnomer, it isn’t a party pre-say it’s more of a mindset and a public mindset is a hard thing to deal with in a negative manor. It’s hard to influence people when you’re calling them names like stupid and un-American. The Tea Party people see themselves as patriots not the radicals the Obama camp and the media are trying to portray them as.

For as much as the left would like to portray the Tea Party movement as a new emerging third political party it isn’t. They are a growing unorganized group of concerned citizens out to get back what has been and is being taken from them, their rights as American citizens. They have no desire to become like many of the European socialist nations. While Obama is being labeled a socialist in this country a group calling themselves World Socialists are painting him as a fraud, they’ve been pointing out from his inauguration he’s more about self promotion than he is about spreading the benefits of socialism. When the socialists deny recognition there isn’t much left for Obama to hang his hat on. His ideology doesn’t fit anything the majority of this country is willing to accept.

There’s some speculation in the conspiracy theory circles when congress is taken out of the hands of the Obamanistas and is put back in the hands of the peoples representatives Obama may toss the keys to the oval office to Joe Biden before his first term is over and become what Bill Clinton and Al Gore have become, self promoting blowhard’s out to make as many bucks a possible.

Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as Barack Obama and Joe Biden had no problem challenging the Bush administration in fact it was their favorite sport [perhaps with the exception of Bill Clinton.] Now the new administration is gathering some heat the rhetoric has changed now those who disagree are the ones to be vilified. The Obamanistas have a way of over expressing those things they wish to magnify in order to cover up the things they’ve screwed up. When the Obamanistas don’t have an enemy they create one, fear is how they govern, without fear they lose the attention of the public or so they think. When was the last time we heard Obama say anything good about anything he didn’t have a hand in, if you can’t remember don’t feel left out no one else can either?

At the point of becoming nocuous on the subject it behooves every voter to search his / her inner sole and ask can we be better off by replacing the majority of congress for younger less politically entrenched representatives. I say yes!

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