The Fall of Amnesty Supporting US Senator Robert Bennett


ALIPAC is commending GOP voters in Utah for removing incumbent US Senator Robert Bennett from public office as his departure deals another critical blow to the radical Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty agenda known as the “Open Borders Lobby”

Senator Robert Bennett has recently been named by the Obama administration as one of the few Republican Senators, who will support Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty. In 2007, ALIPAC launched a wave of over 1 Million robotic calls into targeted states such as Utah because of Bennett’s flirtations with Amnesty bills S. 1348, S. 1639, and S. 2611.

Senator Bennett voted for cloture on and for Amnesty bills at least three times in 2007! ALIPAC is happy to see this Amnesty supporting sellout senator removed from office.

“Senator Bennett was one of the Republicans who special interests in DC could count on to pass an Amnesty bill, which would turn over 12 million illegal immigrants into voters thus destroying any hopes of future immigration controls or borders for the United States,” said William Gheen President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. “We are glad to see that Senator Bennett is being removed by his own party and hope they will send someone to Washington who stands with the majority of Americans who favor immigration enforcement instead of Amnesty.”

ALIPAC has endorsed over 300 Federal campaigns since 2004 and strives to endorse candidates who are aligned with the super majority of Americans who want secure borders and enforcement of our existing immigration laws. Enforcement can lead to a peaceful, gradual, and humane mass exodus of illegal aliens.

Recent information from the Department of Homeland Security, the Pew Hispanic Center, and the Center for Immigration Studies shows a decline in the illegal alien population of 1 million per year due to the bad economy and increased state level enforcement of immigration laws.

“The 2010 elections are critical to the survival of the United States and illegal immigration is a core issue,” said William Gheen. “Our theory that illegal immigration can be reversed through enforcement has been proven correct and now we need to throw these treacherous politicians who support Comprehensive Amnesty and Open Borders out of office on a large scale!”

NumbersUSA gives Senator Robert Bennett a C- on immigration issues for his recent and career grade. Bennett received D’s and F’s for his legislative voting record for supporting Amnesty enticements, unnecessary worker visas, and rewards for illegal immigrants.

ALIPAC has already endorsed 98 candidates for 2010 and will be making more endorsements in the near future. For more information please visit and sign up for email alerts at