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May 17, 2010

Media Demands, “Take Us To Your Leader, Sarah Palin!”

Filed under: Politics In General - 17 May 2010

Is Sarah Palin the leader of the Tea Party Movement? This is asked as a “gotcha” question by the liberal mainstream media of every spokesperson of the Tea Party Movement. The liberal mainstream media is so far out of touch …

Arizona immigration law: Politicians and activists deception exposed

Filed under: Immigration - 17 May 2010

How many times have Americans heard lawmakers, mayors, governors, and immigration advocates when asked about Arizona enforcing immigration law, claim that their police officers aren’t authorized or trained to enforce immigration laws?

“Well, either these government leaders are too ignorant …

Fake Virtues Are Worse than Vices

Lately I’ve felt like Lex Luthor without any Kryptonite. For the past few weeks here I’ve been vindicating the rights of the merely natural against the claims of supernature. (Sheesh, that even sounds boring to me.) It’s not a …