Obama-ism Is Nothing But Ground Up Socialism

By: Ken Hughes

Barack Obama can call his new World Order anything he likes; it’s still the old Karl Marx manifesto reworked. Their corps principles are the people are dependent on and responsible to the state. The state is the primary decision maker in all cases. The problem with Obama-ism [aka] socialism is it stifles the individual’s incentives to perform to think to create. When the first pilgrims came to the new world they had no government, they were the government and as Americans we’ve struggled for nearly 400 years to keep it where we the people are the government and the bureaucracy is solely responsible to the people. Every so often the politicians must be reminded it’s “We [not they] the people” who are in charge. When things go wrong it’s the President who gets the blame, a president can’t act without the support of congress. In the case of the Obama administration congress has completely acquiesced to their masters demands. In the past 16 months every safeguard the founders put in the constitution to prevent a dictatorial government has been violated by the Obama administration and the 111th congress, this can’t be tolerated any further.

Regardless of commitments when one political party has the ability to over-rule or in the case of the 111th congress shut out any opposition the country is not being well served. Our form of government is based on arbitration and compromise, arguing if you like. Ideologically this country is divided nearly in half. The Mayflower Compact the first governing document was only signed by 41 of the more than 100 passengers on the ship, by much compromising it became the law of the new colony. The constitution was years in the drafting and was able to be penned on two sheets of paper. It took the Obama administration and the 111th congress to create legislation consisting of thousands of pages that no government official ever read before voting their approval.

Of all the disturbing things the Obama administration has done is cutting the media out of its rightful place of reporting on the government. The Obamanistas have determined they can do a better and according to them a more honest job of reporting. I have been in many countries where the government controls the media it isn’t something I would like to see for this country. In the future all Whitehouse information will be posted on its own blog and the media will have to read the official version if they want to report on the story. The new nominee for the Supreme Court was introduced to the public in an administration produced video with no media present, that’s not what the first amendment guarantees. I get several e-mails a week from Obama.org written by a variety of Obama henchman explaining how wonderful all these new programs are and how they will improve society. Society is improved when the people improve it, not when the government gets involved.

The Obama presidency has been America’s biggest failure since the Viet Nam War. There isn’t anything the Obama administration has done that benefited the nation as a whole and a lot he and congress have done to strip individual rights from the people. Obama lied about bailing out the banks and the auto industry, his whole purpose was to socialize as much of industry, finance and health care as possible as quickly as possible. Everything Obama is trying to do to America has been tried and rejected by much of the rest of the world. For years China was the epitome of Marxism and they rejected that to follow in the footsteps of American Capitalism, sad to say China has beat us at our own game. Contrary to what Obama may have thought the only thing wrong with this country was liberal thinking politicians like Obama.

The lazy days of liberalism should be behind us, the American people may be apathetic but they are not stupid they instinctively know government is not the answer to the problem in this case government is the problem. In the past 16 months the government has spent far too much and gotten far too little in return. The Obama administration is exacerbating America and the world economic crises by not doing the things that create jobs and improve the economy. Lowering taxes and getting more money pumped back in the economy and less in the hands of government is the only way out of the current economic crises. The public is in an austerity crises and the government is spending more than ever. Obama was bragging about creating 60,000 more jobs, those jobs were temporary government jobs that probably weren’t necessary in the first place. The Censes questioner the government sent out was racist and invasive it’s no wonder many ignored it. If a privet employer asks any of those questions they would be subject to prosecution. Contrary to what Obama thinks expanding government is not an improvement, reducing it would be.

A little belt tightening may be what this country needs to wake it up to the fact they are being had by their government. The fact is it’s no longer a government it’s a good old boys club with a million or so members and over 300 million providers. They can say what they like about the Sarah Palins and the Tea Party movement but they’re in touch with the American people and that’s more than can be said for the president and congress. That’s precisely why incumbent congress persons will be falling like rocks off a cliff in November.

The current Washington establishment has no idea just how much trouble they’re in. If enough new blood makes it to congress the old guard [those left] will be forced to move over and share power. The real poetic justices would be for Nancy Pelosi to be moved to the back of the room with nothing but her single vote to contribute. There are a number just like her in both houses of congress who will be left to suffer the humiliation of their parties defeat.

Voters have the opportunity to turn this country around and put it back where it belongs, not perfect but not totally destroyed either.

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