The mounting disaster is growing!

By: Jim Gilchrist

The Minuteman Project Team are referring all Citizens who wish to participate in a Border Operation to our Minuteman Allies.

– Al Garza’s Patriot’s Coalition in Arizona.

– Campo Minutemen under the Direction of Britt Craig in California.

– Texas Minutemen under the Direction of Shannon McGauley

The mounting disaster is growing! The illegal alien hordes are gathering not only on the Mexican side of the border, but on the U.S. side as well.

The Mexican/U.S.A. Border is no longer a safe place!

You very well could be killed. This is NOT fun and games like so many have portrayed a Border Opts in the past, it is life and death. I haven’t seen such carnage since my tour in Vietnam, there I almost didn’t get out alive!

The Border War is deadly. The Minutemen are not afraid of the Rule Of Law or hardship, but it is NOT for the beginner. It appears the terror in Mexico is now on the border and could very well spread into our beloved nation.

Jim Gilchrist – Founder/President Minuteman Project, Inc.

Thank You For Your Support