Is Obama Taking His Failure Personal

By: Ken Hughes

Is Obama taking things too personal or is it just an act? If Obama is as smart as his backers profess him to be then his finger pointing has to be an act. I think the jury is still out on that one.

Obama has two distinct styles of speaking. When he’s reading from a teleprompter or mouthing words from an ear device his speech is clear and articulate. When he speaks extemporaneously he’s angry and uncertain of his words. We can only surmise from such behavior Obama is not his own man. If not them whose man is he? Obama certainly doesn’t belong to the Democratic Party and he’s turned on those liberal people who supported him prior to his election and those congress persons who supported him after his inauguration. In fact Obama has criticized nearly everyone except the Taliban. Obama seems to have some peculiar affection for terrorists, could it be Obama is realizing his father’s dreams of a socialist society.

What posses the world’s tyrants to act the way they do? Men like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Chavez and then men like Obama to want to emulate them to some degree. What is it about ultimate power that some men find so addictive? Obama is the 44th president of the United States few have had the arrogant temperament of Obama. Most presidents accept it’s at best an eight year gig, Obama acts like it’s a lifetime appointment.

We have a constitution for a reason and that is to prevent unscrupulous politicians from arbitrarily changing the rules every time presidents are changed. If 43 presidents from George Washington to George Bush operated under one set of rules what gives president number 44 [Barack Obama] the right to come along and ignore those rules? The United States of America was created for people not for politicians. Politics was secondary in the minds of the founders, that may be why the seven articles and the first ten amendments to the constitution are guarantees against an over baring government in favor of the rights of the people.

The Obama agenda is so broad and convoluted it often contradicts its self. On more than one occasion Obama contradicted himself when explaining his health care legislation. His whole premise was for every citizen to have affordable health care. His legislation includes health care for ten million illegals and ignores three million legal citizens, a fact he has yet to address. He plans to pay for Obamacare by eliminating fraud from Medicare. Eliminating fraud from a government program is like teaching a cat to fetch. Obama has no intention of paying for anything he’s leaving that to future generations. Obama’s only concern is how many accolades and monuments will be erected in his honor after he leaves office. This is a delusion he has today, what will his delusions be after November when Democrats lose control of both the house and the senate?

Many congressional incumbents from both parties are at risk of being replaced. How many times can these candidates keep coming back with the same old promises of cleaning up a corruption they created? The public isn’t stupid they have been indifferent, now that indifference is digging into their bank accounts the public is beginning to look for the culprits who created this mess the country is in. The legitimate targets are incumbent congress parsons and their advisors. Liberal Democrats and RINO Republicans have demonized anyone who had the guts to suggest they were crooks and to try to do something about it. Sarah Palin and Newt Gringish immediately come to mind. Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck along with Fox Cable News have been ringing the liberty bell for years and until now it hasn’t been heard beyond a faint ding. Now million of Tea Party participants are ringing bells all over this country and they’re being heard.

Every time a liberal is asked if they have read the Arizona Immigration legislation the answer is [no] but that doesn’t keep them from making negative comments. Attorney General Eric Holder when pressed by a member of the senate investigating committee had to admit all of his negative comments were hearsay. In a Republican administration that would be enough for the left to demand his head on a platter. This is not the first time the AGs opinions got out in front of the facts, a trend he’s acquired from his boss Obama no doubt. From top to bottom the Obama administration is filled with contradictions, when they’re caught they lie and blame others. That can only go so far then the truth comes out and they are compelled to tell more lies, there are no truths in Liberal-Ville.

There was a time when the public didn’t think their vote counted. Having seen what can happen when apathy takes over the public is beginning to realize it’s only their vote that counts. The Tea Party movement along with the Obama administration and the 111th congress total disregard for the public’s concerns about the direction the country is being forced down brought about awareness unprecedented in modern times. In the 1994 election there was a murmur of discontent with congress, Newt Gringish proposed a contract with the American people promising change? The only change congress was willing to make was kicking Newt and his contract under the bus and ignoring their promises. Republicans have paid a price over the past 15 years for ignoring the will of the people let’s hope they’ve learned their lesson. Once politicians are admitted inside Washington’s political circles they tend to forget who it was that sent them there.

Congress is no longer about governing it’s all about how to play the Good Old Boys game and how to work ones way up to the top of the ladder of authority. Even congressional authority is in jeopardy as the Obama administration issues one executive order after another undermining the constitution and congress. I would have to question Barack Obama ever teaching Constitutional Law for as little as he understands about the laws of this country.

In five and a half months the public will have an opportunity to correct their errors in judgment made in the past several congressional elections. Don’t be timid or intimidated vote the incumbents out.New candidates can’t be worse than what we have now.

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