The Tip of the Tea Party Iceberg

By: Neil Braithwaite

It’s not the tens of thousands of grass-roots conservatives who show up at Tea Party protests around the country that have President Obama and the entire Democrat Party worried – it’s the millions of conservative Tea Party supporters who don’t show up at those events that have them scared to death.

Picture the Tea Party as an iceberg. Experienced seafaring navigators who travel the North Atlantic will tell you that the exposed tip of an iceberg is not their main concern, it’s the huge mass of the unseen iceberg hidden below the surface that poses the greatest danger to their ships.

So it is for President Obama and the Democrats; it’s the huge number of unseen supporters hidden below the surface of the Tea Party that pose the greatest political danger to Democrats.

And with many recent polls showing support for the Tea Party growing, it looks like the Democrats will have to navigate some treacherous waters heading into the November elections.

Can you say, DNC Titantic?