Good Riddance to Them All

By: Craig Chamberlain

Senator Bennett gets the boot in Utah, Joe Sestak defeats Senator Specter in Pennsylvania, and Rand Paul wins the GOP nomination in Kentucky. Americans should see this as a positive sign. The people of this republic are finally starting to hold their elected officials accountable for the job they do in Washington. The politicians, and the media, are shocked- shocked- that the people would have such gall to vote out their masters. Don’t we know our place? Don’t we know who they are?

The answer to both questions is “yes.” It’s the thieves in Washington who don’t know their place, and who have forgotten who we are. Republics begin to fall apart when the elected leaders pursue their own interests, and show a complete disregard for the will of the people and the needs of the country. The Roman Republic fell when its Senate took over complete control of the state, and ruthlessly pursued its own agenda to increase its own power. Bribery, corrupt bargains, and even murder, were employed so that the elites could get what they wanted.

Our Congress hasn’t reached that level yet. So far, no one has been stabbed to death on the Senate floor. But our Congress has become insulated, ingrown, and completely dethatched from the will of the people and the good of the country. This was exemplified last year, when, against the wishes of the American people, wishes that were made loud and clear, Congress pursued its own agenda to bail out Wall Street, spend hundreds of billions of dollars on wasteful stimulus spending, and most of all on a government takeover of health care.

We know that the people didn’t want any of those things. Poll after poll showed that the American people wanted less spending not more. They wanted the government to focus on an economy in recession, not revamping health care. But Congress went ahead anyway. Why? Despite all their sophistry, they really couldn’t make the case that any of those things were wanted by the people(the polls disproved that) or that any of those things were good for the country. They were only pursuing their own agenda, to increase their own power. The more the government controls, the more power the politicians have.

Power is a zero- sum game. Only one side can gain, and that can only happen at the expense of the other side. If the government takes more power it must take that power from the people. If the people, who were always supposed to be sovereign, gain more freedom then it means they forced the government to surrender some if its power.

They wanted the stimulus so they could funnel public funds to their districts, and their private economic interests. They bailed out Wall Street to protect their portfolios and their friends who work the market, and they wanted health care because they felt that they should have more control over our lives.

We’re now seeing a reaction to this arrogance. The pompous swine are being turned out of office. This is to the horror of the parasites who make their living in Washington, whether it’s cutting deals behind closed doors, or being one the chattering classes who make their living talking about politics. Americans have finally had enough, and are voting out incumbents who only act in their own interests.

This is a good start. But the American people must not go complacent after this election. It’s been the history of American politics that a wave of change is followed by a pool of stagnation and corruption. Many go to Washington hoping to fix things and end up becoming part of the system they once denounced. If the people want change, they must always keep an eye on things, and demand changes.

Demand that no one will get elected to Congress unless they agree to repeal health care. Demand that they work together to fix our nations finances. Demand that Congress must obey the laws that they pass, abolish earmarks, and remember that it is the people who are in charge. It’s the people who are supposed to select their leaders, not the other way around.

Real change, permanent, meaningful change, will only come when the power of the state is rolled back. This can only be accomplished when the people stand up for their rights, and frequently vote for new leaders. If now is not the time to make the case for term limits then it never will be.

Let’s hope that this spirit carries to November, and that many who make their livings writing our laws, will soon be forced to find other lines of work.