Free to Be Free

By: Patti Bankson

For too long, conservatives and traditional values have been the object of ridicule from the left. And those holding those beliefs have been the object of a concerted effort to shut them up. In our “new” Progressive-land, the only people whose opinions are “Right”, are those who are aligned with the Left. Not only can you not verbalize an unpopular opinion, you can’t even wear a t-shirt displaying one they dislike.

Remember the five California high school boys who dared to wear t-shirts to school on Cinco de Mayo displaying some form of the American flag? They got the “turn-your-shirts-inside-out or go home” order, the result of which was, the “t-shirts” were sent home. One returned later, dressed, presumably, in something with a more “acceptable” message. Then, some Hispanic kids marched on City Hall because they believed the students wearing the American flag t-shirts on their day were being disrespectful. Oh, Good Grief! Whoever taught these kids to march in protest over slights, real or imagined, needs to teach them that in the real world, you may get your feelings hurt; might be disrespected, but sometimes you need to just get over it, because it’s not all about “you”. They also need a little help with Geography, apparently, because they don’t seem to know they’re in the USA, not Mexico.

More Cinco de Mayo and banned t-shirt news, happening, this time, at an Arizona Suns basketball game. Two men, AZ Suns fans, showed up wearing t-shirts saying: Viva Los 1070, the number of the new Arizona immigration bill. Of course, security told them to turn their shirts inside out. When asked, why, they were told: “We’re not advertising tonight”… whatever that meant. One of the men said they weren’t advertising, so then they were told they weren’t allowing any political statements. The man replied he wasn’t making a political statement, just supporting the law. Not good enough… they were taken out of the stadium. Eventually, after speaking with the head of security, they were allowed back in. And later were given a lot of free tickets to future games. All this while the Suns players were wearing jerseys saying, Los Suns. Incorrect Spanish, but, apparently, because they were protesting that law, it was (politically) correct speech.

So, there you have it… Left is Right and Right is… Wrong. Total, uncensored, freedom of speech for Liberals/Progressives. For “the other side”? Nada.

But people of all political persuasions are tired of what’s happening in our country… tired of government, from D.C. down, running rough-shod over our rights, spending our money recklessly and wastefully… instituting programs we don’t want, that add to our already skyrocketing debt… driving us toward the destruction we see unfolding in Europe. Those are the people who are speaking up. They’re even voting out people they’re recognizing as part of the problem, not the solution. That means there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Why, if this continues, before we know it, we might all be truly free to speak our minds. Wear whatever t-shirt we want. Maybe we’ll even wear American flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo and Hispanics will wear their flag t-shirts on our Independence Day, and no one will feel slighted… because we’ll all understand that that’s what freedom in America is all about.

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