Gilchrist Endorses Tarkanian

By: Jim Gilchrist

Fellow Patriots;

Today is a big day for Minuteman all over the United States. Today is the day we send the first shot at Harry Reid and his proposal to give Amnesty to illegal aliens.

Like you, I am sick and tired of all of the political hacks in DC trying every excuse in the book as a reason to not secure the border. I am fed up with the refusal of Harry Reid and the political establishment to enforce current immigration laws. We want more laws like Arizona that ask for the police to enforce the laws that Harry Reid and the DC Democrats want to repeal.

You have heard me talk about Danny Tarkanian. He is the guy that is going to take Harry Reid’s job as US Senator. And today, thanks to the encouragement of many of our members in Nevada, I have endorsed him.

Danny Tarkanian is our kind of guy.

Danny Tarkanian’s political philosophy is based on constitutional conservatism and liberty. When he ran for Secretary of State in Nevada he demanded Voter ID to make sure illegal aliens did not vote. And now that he is running for US Senate to kick out Harry Reid he is demanding all the things that you and I care about:

1. Secure the borders by building a fence.

2. Use the United States Military to stop illegals from entering the United States.

3. Eliminate benefits for illegals including non-emergency healthcare and education.

4. No drivers licenses for illegals.

5. Pursue and punish employers who try to profit by employing illegals.

6. No amnesty.

In fact, check out this ad he is running on radio right now on immigration. Danny Tarkanian is not just checking the immigration box on the campaign trail; he is actively talking to the voters of Nevada about the harmful effects of illegals on taxpayers all over the United States.

Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that the reason we need to get rid of Harry Reid?

Cinco de Mayo was May 5th. Well today I want to double down on that and ask you to send $10 to join with me in helping Harry Reid out of a job. I need Minutemen all over the United States to send $10, $25, or more to help Danny Tarkanian in his bid to unseat Harry Reid.

Tarkanian. I hope you will help me keep this radio ad on the air by donating even a small amount to let voters know of Danny’s strong stand on illegal immigration.

After all, it is not just the fault of illegals for breaking our laws. We have to blame the politicians that continue to give benefits and the employers who continue to hire illegals.

Working together I know the Minutemen will soon show Harry Reid that his failure to enforce our nation’s current laws were the reason that real Americans no longer need him in DC as a US Senator – because we want Danny Tarkanian to be there to serve us.

Adios Harry!

Warm regards,

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