Put Up or Shut Up, Barak!

By: Guest Authors

By Jeff Golden

Thank God we don’t currently have another bomb counting down to detonate in Times Square, waiting for the Obama administration to take a definitive stand, or we would have many more dead Americans on our hands.


Because, Barak, it’s time to Put Up or Shut Up!

Barak, you and your administration are blowing one big smokescreen and hoping the American people are just too ignorant to recognize it.

You and your administration say you suspect the Arizona immigration law to be racially and constitutionally faulty.

Yet, Mr. President, the majority of your administration, apparently, have not even read the law. That’s astounding!

Your Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, confesses that she has not read the law. Still, she decries it. But don’t stop there. No, Eric Holder, your Attorney General, who also disparages the law, Holder now admits to never having read the law.
Is that not incredible, Mr. President?

The highest legal and law enforcement authorities in your administration have not even taken a measly 20 minutes to read the law they are criticizing.

Give me a break!

And what does this suggest? It suggests, Mr. President, that either you also have not read the law you are demeaning – or – you are just blowing a smoke screen in an attempt to preserve your agenda.

Mr. President, I am ashamed of you.

I am ashamed of how you can stand with the leader of a foreign country (Mexican President, Felipe Calderon) on our very White House grounds and berate the United States of America. I am astounded at how you can join hands with a foreign head of state to loft stones at Arizona.

Mr. President, I am ashamed of the members of Congress who rise to applaud when they hear that same Mexican President lambasting my fellow Americans living in Arizona.

And, Mr. President, I am ashamed when I find that my ancestors, who were legal immigrants, are considered in no better light than common criminal illegal immigrants.

Mr. President, it’s time to put up or shut up.

If the Arizona Immigration law is illegal, then quit pussy-footing around and be man enough to say so.

Or, if you and your administration are just blowing smoke about the Arizona Immigration law, then, please, do America a favor and just shut up!

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