There’s Limbaugh, Coulter, Palin; then Me!

By: Michael John McCrae

First: let’s call me a racist. I dislike illegal immigration. I dislike people from other countries ignoring American immigration laws, jumping my borders, sucking at the socialist teat and living off the thousands of dollars taken out of my paycheck each year to be redistributed to people who are not Americans and do not care to assimilate. I am completely agog at a government that knows what to do to fix the border but refuses to do it; condemning a state (Arizona) for so-called “draconian” laws while not having read a single line of the legislation.

Next: let’s call me a bigot. I despise those in the American government who lie; telling me that my taxes will not be raised “one thin dime” and yet I will be forced by law to buy health insurance and if my plan is better than what the government is forcing on the rest of the population, my plan will be taxed as personal income. Every day I hear the lies of government. I hear how the economy is in recovery (it’s not); how employment is improving (it’s not); how much safer America is (it’s not); how sanctions against Iran are impacting (they’re not) and how my president is a legal American and is legally entitled to be president (he’s not).

Next: let’s say I’m ignorant. I do not believe in re-writing a Constitution that is very explicit in limiting the role of government in my life. I hate the fact that my government is being run by so-called czars that can overrule laws that are already on the books. I also hate that these czars can choose to ignore signed legislation in preference to their own whims. I despise the government take-over of banks, auto manufacturers, health care and energy production. I absolutely hate the billions of dollars wasted for so-called job creation that has seen unemployment spike over ten percent nationwide and up to twenty percent in some states.

Next: is homophobe. That my president has determined to let the homosexual agenda rule American politics is a particular bug-bear of mine. Surrounding himself with queers seems to leave my president in his personal comfort zone. That many of these advocates of immorality are in positions that can dictate what is taught in America’s public schools, it is no wonder fourth graders are being taught condom use and kindergarteners are learning to read books about two mommies and two daddies.

Then: I am pro-life. Babies should be born; not murdered before they can draw a breath, nor murdered should they be born alive after a botched abortion. I am pro-gun. I believe in the Second Amendment right to own a defensive firearm. I am pro-education. Children should be taught how to read and write; not how to rap re-written and incomplete historical fact. The nation’s founders were patriots of the highest order; not slave-mongers and white racists. The elimination of conservative thought from the nation’s universities has graduated a crop of radical leftist liberals with an agenda destructive of American culture and exceptionalism.

Then: I am pro-America. America used to be the greatest force for good in the world. We rescued billions from the slaughter of the communists, fascists and totalitarians. We are currently protecting billions from the ravages of Islamic Radicalism. I do not believe in globalism. Foreign laws have decimated the governments of Europe and Asia. To believe America should adopt foreign law as an example is convoluted thinking. The only true freedom is that espoused in the original American Constitution.

Take a moment to juxtapose Ronald Reagan’s conservatism with William Clinton’s “moderation” or Jimmy Carter’s and Barack Obama’s radical liberalism. Which brought more debt? Which brought the least amount of political compromise? Which created the greatest number of jobs? Which successfully negotiated ends to particular hostilities? Which kept inflation in check? Which offered more freedom from the intrusions of government?

Those that know and understand history know the answers to all those questions. Those who do not care, but demand a redistribution of earned wealth to those who do not earn, while demanding education be numbed down so everyone is equally ignorant, do not care about answers or the lessons of history. They just want what they want. It will not lead to the nations of the world becoming as prosperous as America. It will lead to an America as poor and ignorant as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Zimbabwe and any Middle Eastern Arab Emirate you care to list.

So I am an angry American. I am white. I am Protestant (Independent). I am a thirty-year veteran of the United States Army. I work. I have been working since the age of seventeen; now forty consecutive years. I pay taxes. I pay lots of taxes. I bought and paid for my home. I bought and paid for everything my family has ever needed. I am conservative. I believe in personal responsibility. I do not believe the government should have to support me with room and board. The sole job of government is to protect my borders and keep the radicals and illegal border jumpers from threatening my country and its culture based in freedom.

Liberals are free to call me a racist, bigot, homophobe. Call me ignorant. Then, take your leftist, socialist insults and please shove them up your liberal collective.

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