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May 27, 2010

Discontinue The Embarrassment

Filed under: Politics In General - 27 May 2010

What is wrong with this progressive government of sellouts? Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, The Chosen One”, who is the unquestionable supreme leader of his Administration, and the Liberal Marxist Democratic Party, of the United States Congress. Has a monopoly …

Anger Isn’t Getting The Job Done

Filed under: Immigration,In The News - 27 May 2010

For years congress has campaigned on a platform of anger and fear they’ve used the word [fight] until it no longer has meaning. They’ve fought for the children, for the elderly, for the oppressed all to no avail. In reality …

Nancy Pelosi is at it again…Part III

On Monday, Catholic Advocate alerted our community to an event that took place last week – “The Obama Catholic Coalition Meets in D.C.”

Now, the folks at Cybercast News Service have obtained video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussing immigration reform during …

The Internet – America’s New Lost and Found

Filed under: Featured Conservative,Science & Technology - 27 May 2010

A visit to one of the best conservative news sites bounced me over to one of the most irreverent videos I’ve seen in a long time by just clicking on a few well placed links. I was reminded once again …