Anger Isn’t Getting The Job Done

By: Ken Hughes

For years congress has campaigned on a platform of anger and fear they’ve used the word [fight] until it no longer has meaning. They’ve fought for the children, for the elderly, for the oppressed all to no avail. In reality all congress has fought for is to maintain or expand their position and create even larger government. Politicians have been lying to the public for decades but never to the point they have in the past 16 months. It’s as though the Obamanistas and the 111th congress don’t know the difference between a lie and the truth, nor do they care to. This congress and this administration are no different than one of those Reality TV shows seen on Cable. The show where the IRS comes to your house steals your money and gives it to the illegal immigrant next door.

Mexican President Calderon is taking one hell of a beating for his remarks about the Arizona immigration law. What if they weren’t his remarks, what if they were written by the Obama teleprompter people and run through a computerized translator? English to Spanish can’t be translated verbatim and be coherent. I suspect President Calderon had been given orders what President Obama expected of him. President Obama is very aware how critical illegal immigration and drug smuggling is for the Mexican economy and President Obama is also aware how easy it is to fool the stupid American Anglos with a bunch of un-kept promises. At least that’s what Obama’s assumed for the past 16 months. We are wising up Mr. President just wait until November 2012 and you’ll see how smart we the people have become.

Barack Obama wouldn’t know a verb if he had a backpack filled with them. Every Obama speech is filled with hyperbole and no definitive words. Obama is the master of should-a could-a would-a and didn’t, he has surrogates who take responsibility for the administrations failures. Obama is challenging the Arizona law for possibly having the potential of being used indiscriminately. I would point out there are no federal laws protecting Hispanics citizens or illegals against searches without a legitimate cause. All a federal law enforcement officer needs is suspicion to challenge anyone citizen or not Obama’s outrage has nothing to do with protecting anyone’s dignity it’s all about politics. It may be time to investigate and see if any of the Mexican drug money is going to the Democratic National Committee in the form of campaign contributions. It’s possible I remember when the Chinese Army contributed to the Clinton presidential campaign.

The media puts entirely too much emphasis on presidents blaming them for all the ills of the country. A great deal of responsibility should be placed on congress they are the law makers and president only sign laws once they have been passed by congress with the exception of this president he deserves what little blame he gets

Congressional candidates keep coming back election after election promising to clean the corruption out of Washington, corruption they are responsible for. Voters are not as stupid as politicians believe they are voter apathy is more a matter of indifference. To most voters politics is simply a necessary function of democracy to be attended to only at election times for others it’s red meat, it’s their inspiration.

There much about the Obama administration and the 111th congress ideology that doesn’t fit most Americans definition of democracy. President Obama invited Mexican President Calderon to this country for no other reason than to disparage the Arizona immigration law. Obama would never come right out and tell Arizona, “Screw you” instead he gets a foreign leader to do the dirty work and pays him off with a state dinner costing the American taxpayers millions of dollars in tax money the country can’t afford. Obama and congress are not listening to the people they only hear what they want to hear. La Rasa the Hispanic militant origination doesn’t represent the bulk of the Hispanic population in this country. The majority of American Hispanics want border control as badly as the Anglos. Neither President Calderon nor La Rasa speaks for these people who consider themselves Americans first and Hispanic second. I know I have Hispanic connections of both sides of the boarder Every crime committed by an illegal immigrant is a finger of shame pointing at the American Hispanic community, this is not what these people want, they want to be treated just like the Anglo next door.

The Obama ideology is to divide and segregate what he considers minorities which includes almost everyone. Every group is put into a separate box and labeled identifying them for their future potential political value, today its Hispanics tomorrow it may well be Mongolians. How Obama ever became a member of the oppressed minority is beyond any reasonable comprehension given his history. Could it be Obama was selected and trained for the job by Chicago’s anti-American anti-white cabal? In my opinion Obama wasn’t intelligent enough to get this far in life without a lot of people holding his hand and doing his thinking for him. The Obama halo he came into office weaning has turned to a muddy brown and all the brightness is gone. Now what we see in Obama is the preverbal shark out of water struggling not to get carved up.

It’s difficult for the public to understand liberalism is not something that deals in truths. Liberals only deal in the expedient; they say and do what the moment calls for. Change has always been one of the mainstays of the liberal left. Liberals lying for the greater good is as acceptable in their world as troth is across the aisle. Seventy-five years of so called progressive politics has brought on the most devastating economic conditions since the 1930’s. They can’t rob Peter to support Paul and not turn Peter into another Paul. There’s a verse in the bible that says we are our brother’s keeper. That verse applies to all brothers not just the ones with the means and ambition to succeed.

Obama is a master of phraseology often it’s not what he says but what he implies that sets the ball rolling done hill. He seldom comes out with a frontal attack without a shield of probability protecting him. They learn that in Liberals school, ”never say what you mean and never mean what you say.” We conservatives are forced to recognize nearly half the country has bought into the Liberals message, that doesn’t mean we have to accept it or be silent about it. The more we can inform those misguided soles who bought into Bill Clintons “I feel you pain” realize it’s Obama creating their pain the sooner ‘liberalism, progressivism, socialism, Obamaism will fade off into the sunset.

It’s time for American’s to become “We the People” again.
Vote anti-incumbent in November let’s all work to take our government back from the liars and thieves who control it now.

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