Discontinue The Embarrassment

By: William P. Frasca

What is wrong with this progressive government of sellouts? Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, The Chosen One”, who is the unquestionable supreme leader of his Administration, and the Liberal Marxist Democratic Party, of the United States Congress. Has a monopoly on being consistently nicknamed as bungling wimpy socialist idiots, with a multitude of ignominy characteristics. They find great enjoyment in degrading themselves and our glorious Country. This unbelievably boggles the mind on how they can achieve this so naturally. These individuals especially Obama must be so tired of having a self inflicted stiff neck by bowing submissively and regularly to every Tom, Dick and Harry third world dictator and irrational hostile leader, in addition to offering a mortifying disgusting apology.

President Felipe Calderon of Mexico was invited to the United States, by Obama, and was basically given carte blanche in showing his contempt for America and the American people. He was allowed without any objections, to take every opportunity of his visit to criticize attack and humiliate America, especially the Great State of Arizona. He was permitted to speak in front a joint session of Congress, bad mouthing Arizona for its newly adopted law of self protection. Portraying extreme arrogance, by claiming it will racially profile Mexicans. What gives him the right to come on our land, as a guest, and belittling any of our policies and laws, let alone one of our own States? Especially when his own Country of Mexico is far less compassionate and much more stringent on their own citizens and illegal aliens?

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

The United States of America is a Union and we should act and cover each others backs as a Union.

The true colors of the Liberal Marxist Democrats and their disgraceful traitorous attitude towards this Great Country are appalling. How can they humble themselves into a minuet position of docile hypnotic maggots, demeaning themselves in front of the whole world, by applauding for this foreign leader after he projected such scornful remarks? This should have developed an uncontrollable feeling of nausea to observe most our so-called elected Socialist Marxist Democratic leaders, including Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, who admitted not reading the Arizona Bill, standing up, cheering and clapping like mindless well rehearsed performing seals, waiting for their masters to give them scrapes of dead fish, at feeding time.

A good majority of our elected officials have the audacity of approving bills without reading them, maybe they can’t, because there’s no law stating an individual must read and write the English language to be elected to Congress or appointed to the President’s cabinet!

Some did symbolize American patriotism and pride, by displaying their disapproval, sitting quietly, expressing their anger and outrage. They should be praised and commended for their defiant actions.

These weak cowards mostly on the left, together with Obama, are a total terrible laughable joke, demonstrating a positive pathetic exhibition of habitual sadness. How can we as a free nation and people create these uncontrollable regressive abominations in our free election process? How could the majority be so easily fooled and swayed as to elect these disgraceful wolves in sheep’s clothing to positions of high prominence, that are able to ruin and destroy our God given liberties and freedoms.

There’s one good thing that happened with all this nonsense. At least our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” doesn’t have to leave the Country to bow and apologize; he could do it just fine or even better, here, in his own back yard.

Felipe Calderon should be utterly embarrassed that most of his residents are climbing walls, cutting fences, walking through deserts, swimming rivers, at the risk of losing their lives, to leave his Country, just to have the opportunity, legal or not to live in America.

The illegal aliens in America are the most lucrative Gross National Product of Mexico, because they send back billions to their families, adding more capital to their deteriorating economy. America has been a very good and generous ally to his Country, yet he slaps the face of the hand that unselfishly feeds them.

Ever since this Administration took power, America has lost respect throughout the world. This foreign leader dictated, lectured, preached and condemned our self preservation. Yet he received a standing ovation from most of the Liberal Marxists Democrats in Congress, which compounds the disrespect and humiliation.

Why should he offer us any display of dignity? Especially when our own President, announces that he blames America first. He Projects his contempt for our Country, every where he travels throughout the world, labeling us as the root of all evil. If he doesn’t portray, any self worth and patriotism towards us, his Country, then why would anyone else, submit to us, any reverence or esteem. Thanks to our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” we are now considered an international doormat.

He is the leader of the free world, and unfortunately our President. He should grow up and educate himself to the fact that America has enemies and they are just waiting, hoping, praying and contributing towards our destruction.

His babe in the woods mentality, of subservient gestures to the hostile anti-American nations and known violent terrorist groups and organizations, together with playing the fool with sub-par leaders of third world nations, will only escalate our decline into total oblivion.

Regrettably, this is a refection on us all. Hopefully the American electorate will not make the same mistake twice, by not approving or authorizing the re-elections of all these useless hypocritical degrading demigods, including our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” on his next Presidential election. Remember fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

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