Sarah Palin Can Win In 2012

By: Ken Hughes

Sarah Palin may be the smartest presidential candidate so far in the 2012 election should she decide to run. She’s getting more name recompilation than any of the potential candidates [including Obama] who are on tap for a shot at the big time and she’s doing it without the GOP supporting her or for that matter even recognizing her. Sarah Palin has a mentor who has the ear of the nation / the world and that’s Fox Cable News. Fox in notorious for promoting attractive bright women making them into public icons. Any political candidate would die for such an opportunity and for her to get paid as well is really a huge boost in her stature as a politician.

I doubt the failure of the first Black President will have any effect on the nation electing a woman. The public is much smarter than the political and media managers give them credit for. After the disastrous behavior of the Obama administration and the 111th congress next time the public is going to look for substance over a Rock Star images when voting. Many politicians campaign saying they are just one of the people, they are not part of the Washington establishment. Sarah Palin is someone who actually fits that description. She has never worked in Washington or held a federal appointment when it comes to national politics she is clean as can be, she has no baggage to drag around.

Sarah Palin is the one person who scares hell out of the Obama camp. They know she is the candidate that can come closest to beating Obama in the 2012 presidential election should she decide to run. The left has done all that is possible to destroy Sarah Palin’s reputation as a political figure and as a person. What the left and the mainstream media have managed to do is take an obscure failed Vice Presidential candidate and turn her into one of the most recognized and admired women in America. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton would pay any price to have the public’s admiration Sarah Palin has today.

All the credit for Sarah Palin’s success can’t be attributed to the left and the media. Sarah Plain is living proof intelligence come from within not from an Ivy League University. When the Obamanistas speak it’s down to the people without listening to the voice of the people. When Sarah Palin speaks it eye to eye, person to person, she’s already heard what the people have to say and she’s agreeing with them and perhaps clarifying some of their thoughts. That not only makes her street smart it makes her politically intelligent something Obama failed to learn in Chicago Politics 101. Sarah Palin has the ear of the majority of the people and she has a few years to make her case. Sarah Plain has an advantage she can’t make mistakes that cost jobs and bankrupt families that Obama can and is doing.

I can recall a few other men / women liberals and the mainstream media did their best to demonize who did some spectacular things that changed the world. Harry Truman saved Europe and Japan for economic ruin after World War Two. Lyndon Johnson made millions of blacks equal under the law. A lady from Milwaukie Wisconsin [Golda Meir] saved the only democracy in the Middle East form total inhalation. Richard Nixon made peace with the world’s largest socialist country ending a threat of war. Ronald Reagan freed half of the world from oppression when he demanded the Berlin Wall come down and he was willing to back it up. In spite of some of his faults George Bush set the wheels of democracy moving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Until 9/11 terrorism had been treated as an irritation and not as an international conflict. George Bush recognized it as serious threat that needed to be addressed seriously.

There were others who were outstanding figures I don’t recall any of them being liberals. Sarah Palin has what it takes to be one of those persons who can make a difference for the good of mankind.

I’m amused by those liberals who continue to trash Sarah Palin. They question her intelligence saying she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. This is in spite of her book selling in the neighborhood of five million copies. If Sarah Palin were the Twit one of my friends calls her I doubt she would be a regular on Fox News. Roger Ailes head of Fox isn’t porn to featuring anything less than the best. The twits are those who can’t recognize she is a factor and deal with her in an intelligent way and not the sophomoric blather they spew out on a daily bases. The only thing the left is convincing anyone of is what idiots they are.

No one knows if Sarah Palin will run for president in 2012. She probably doesn’t know at this point what part she will play in the campaign. Some things are obvious Palin is a factor the left can’t budge and whatever she does it will be with her best efforts. Whether it’s by instinct or serious study Sarah Palin possesses some of the qualities and idiosyncrasies of men and women who made this nation great. All of the nasty comment and lies her critics think up can’t change the person Sarah Palin is.

And a woman shall lead us out of the wilderness


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