Liberal Prism

By: Guest Authors

By: Gerard Valentino

Since the 1960’s nearly every fundamental value held dear by the American people has been warped through the prism of radical liberalism resulting in an era of American self-hatred and self-doubt.

By viewing the important issues of our day through their liberal prism, the left can see class warfare that isn’t really there, and can create hatred where none exists. They can also use emotion to negate logic, and brand anyone that disagrees with their socialist polices as a racist, sexist or worse.

The end result is that Americans are no longer proud of their history, and instead are ashamed that all of the great achievements were attained through oppression and racism.

Leftist thinkers were successful in revising history because when viewed through the prism of 1960’s radical liberalism, achievement based education is considered elitist, demanding people enter the country legally is racist, having the same physical standards for male and female firefighters is sexist, and school admission standards that are completely blind to race, religion, gender and age are unfair.

Through the warped prism of liberal thinking terrorists from the 1960’s that bombed government buildings were justified in their actions while so-called right wing anti-government groups like the Oklahoma City bombers are considered truly evil. When in truth, both groups are merely common criminals and terrorists that made a cowardly choice to kill the innocent.

The left believes that demonstrators shutting down government buildings and schools during the 1960’s were righteously fighting the system, and people demonstrating today to protest obscenely high tax rates in the same manner are violent insurrectionists.

But, their illogical views don’t stop there.

One of the most illogical beliefs spawned by 1960’s liberalism is that someone fighting to protect the rights of the unborn is immoral and close minded, but those protecting the mythical right to destroy human life through abortion are acting with compassion.

When gun rights are put through the leftist prism, laws that arm murderers and crack dealers while disarming law-abiding citizens are seen vital to making our neighborhoods safe. Anti-gun leftists also believe that a criminal killed while violently attacking an armed citizen is a helpless victim of the epidemic of gun violence – when the true victim is the law abiding citizen that had to use deadly force in self-defense.

When the left grabbed control of our educational system, they became the arbiter of right and wrong for our children, and have run American history through the same prism that skews the left’s political views.

To a child being indoctrinated by the belief that America’s Founding Fathers were no better than the tyrannical monarchy they refused to obey, the other illogical tenants of 1960’s liberalism become believable. After all, based on leftist logic, America was formed by unenlightened racist men without regard to racial, social or societal differences which makes it easy to believe all of the leftist anti-American propaganda.

Never, in the mind of a leftist, is our government by the people, or for the people. In contrast, government exists to rule the people. Somehow, logically in the mind of the left, that is the definition of opportunity. If only Americans will allow the enlightened left to rule, everyone will have equality forced upon them, regardless of desire, talent or hard work.

The left’s ability to convince Americans that such a view is compassionate, honest and fair remains one of the greatest propaganda campaigns in political history.

The reawakening of traditional American values that took place after the government bailout of big business, and the election of Barack Obama, represents a refusal to look at America through the prism of 1960’s liberalism. In essence, it is a return to viewing America honestly, accepting the mistakes and triumphs without the constant reminder that we are a nation built through selfishness or oppression.

That is why it threatens people of the leftist political persuasion, and that is why keeping the political awakening part of the culture is vital as well. If the people provoked to voice their opinion after seeing the government overstep any reasonable bounds are lulled back to sleep, enemies of liberty can recalibrate views through the 1960’s leftist prism.

We’ve already seen the damage they did with their backwards view of the American dream the first time – we simply can’t afford to give them a second chance to redefine America, and what makes up the American dream. .

(Gerard Valentino is a member of the Buckeye Firearms Foundation Board of Directors, and is the author of The Valentino Chronicles is available at

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