It’s no Wonder People Don’t Trust Washington

By: Craig Chamberlain

Listening to any of the chattering classes on TV and you will hear a constant refrain, a bemoaning, of a lack of trust in Washington. No one trusts the government anymore, Americans are too suspicious, and have a negative view of their lords and masters. Oh, what has Washington done to deserve such a people?

A better question might be, what have the people done to deserve such a government? Our current regime acts with impunity, almost in a feudal fashion, it would not be a surprise to hear the Democrats start talking about the divine rights of Presidents. Currently they are trying to give the President more power in budgetary matters, limit the time Congress can vote on budgets and forbid filibusters. It was a bad idea when the Bush Administration pushed it, it’s a bad idea now. Oh, and by the way, then Senator Obama voted against giving such powers to the President, now he can’t wait to take them.

If that were all the administration were attempting we wouldn’t have so much to complain about. But, as with all radical regimes, the Obama administration is in full throttle with no plans to slow down. And while the American people have long made their opinions known about his plans, the administration hasn’t shown the least bit of interest in the opinions of the sovereign people.

First, there was Obamacare. A nationalization of the health care industry, and something the American people didn’t want. This alone will bankrupt the United States, and bring a Greek fiscal crisis to our shores. But we’ve gone far beyond that with TARP, bailouts, tax hikes(with more on the way) the debt ceiling constantly being raised, a foreign policy of appeasement and cowardice, and an illegal immigrant invasion.

Given all of this, it’s no wonder that the enemies of the United States are licking their chops. We’re not willing to stand up to North Korea for torpedoing a South Korean warship, or to Iran for their pursuit of nuclear weapons to establish a hegemony in the Middle East. But, by God, we’re willing to throw Arizona against the wall for a sensible and moderate immigration law, and we invite a foreign head of state to come to our country and pull the trigger. (If anyone in the GOP had a backbone they would have done something to Calderon other than sitting in angry silence).

It’s painfully obvious to all but the most fanatical left wingers that the government doesn’t have any interest in solving the real problems facing this country. The government refuses to listen to the people as they have forgotten that it is the people that are sovereign, not the government. Instead of confronting the problems of the country, they invent problems that they can solve.

There was no great demand for health care reform, but we got it any way. There is no great demand for cap and trade, but we’re going to get it anyway. We have to protect the environment, right?(Here we have the most environmentalist administration, willing to cripple the economy with cap and trade, but unwilling to do anything to stop a massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. If this were a GOP administration the green movement would have stormed the White House by now. I guess it’s all about the right rhetoric over the right actions)

Instead of securing the border, as most Americans want, they only talk of Amnesty. Oops, I mean comprehensive immigration reform. Americans, actually worried about the crime wave on the border are denigrated as Nazi’s. Never mind that the United States treats its illegal immigrants far better than say… oh I don’t know… Mexico. Instead Washington insults Americans by saying we have to absorb 12 million people at once, with no consideration of their backgrounds, and to want border security makes you a racist(but what doesn’t these days?) Oh they talk of a virtual fence, (which they defunded) and of 1,200 national guardsman, as if that will solve the problem.

The sad thing is that the problems we face are solvable, but Washington doesn’t want the crisis to end. As Rahm Emmanuel himself said:” never let a good crisis go to waste.” As long as there is a crisis somewhere, effecting something Washington can justify taking more and more power for itself. “We must do something!” is there cry. One wonders why they need to do anything at all seeing that the more they intervene, the worse things become.

Washington would find itself far more popular with the American people if they just did a few simple things. The first thing is listen. Washington doesn’t. That’s why we have Obamacare, TARP, and a 787 billion dollar stimulus. The second thing is to serve the country, not your special interest groups. Does cap and trade benefit anyone other than GE, and the environmental movement? Does Obamacare benefit anyone other than government workers? Does card check benefit anyone other than labor unions? Washington must confront national problems. Secure the border first, and then the American people will be all too happy to discuss what we should do with the 12 million illegal’s already here. Stop exempting yourself from the laws you pass. If your legislation is so brilliant why won’t you live under it? Stop rewarding failing businesses, and most of all stop mortgaging the future of the country by bankrupting us today. This country has always prided itself on improvement, that each generation has greater success than the preceding one. We won’t be able to say that anymore, because the next several generations will spend their lives just trying to pay off the debt that this administration has incurred.

If someone in Washington showed some common sense maybe they would find that the American people would trust them more than used car salesmen, and paroled convicts.

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