Barack Obama The Bad President

By: Ken Hughes

It’s not hard to choose our worst president, for me it’s Barack Obama no question. There have been others who were in contention but no one quite measured up like Obama. My first president was Herbert Hoover he took office in 1929 the same year the stock market crashed and the great depression began. I don’t recall President Hoover blaming it on Calvin Coolidge. I wasn’t born until 1931 but I grew up hearing how the depression was all Hoovers fault, this sounds like Obama right? Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1933 he came in much like Obama did he was going to remake America into a utopia overnight. It took 9 years and a war for President Roosevelt to finally declare an end to the depression. Only two previous presidents were more self promotion than FDR, Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt. In my opinion that puts Roosevelt on the bad list but not quite the worst list. Over the years mediocrity seems to have been the mainstay of presidents with a few exceptions.

The war ended in victory for America and its allies. The allies were faced with the same problem they faced in 1918 at the end of World War One. Should they seek retribution from the countries they fought or should the Allies help rebuild them. President Harry Truman stepped up to the plate and offered Americas help in putting Europe and Japan back on their feet. As a president Truman is in the top three or four.

Things went well until Jimmy Carter replaced Gerald Ford who replaced the self disposed Richard Nixon. The country was recovering from the Vietnam War and it was suffering from the embarrassment of the resignation of the first ever discredited president. Jimmy Carter was probably the most inept and stupid president this country has ever had, his blunders were nothing short of monumental. Carter turning his back on the Shah of Iran and the 52 hostages held by Iranian militants then allowing draft dodgers to return home from Canada without consequences was perhaps his most inhuman act. He kept American Olympic athletes from competing in the Moscow competition over a stupid human rights disagreement. Carter’s biggest blunder that cost America billions of dollars was when he gave America’s interest in the Panama Canal away instead of negotiating a new partnership with Panama to expand the canal to accommodate modern maritime traffic. Today China and Panama are in a partnership rebuilding the canal. All that future income is lost to the United States forever.

In my opinion Jimmy Carter should be stripped of his American citizenship deported and never allowed to return to this country Jimmy Carter continues to be an embarrassment to this country.

The next president worthy of recognition was Ronald Reagan he was able to bring the country out of the doldrums Carter created. Within days of taking office the captive’s from Iran were on their way home. Ronald Reagan let the world know there was a new sheriff in town. Within months the economic climate had reversed and America was once again on the move. The communist ideology around the world began to crumble, capitalism was making a comeback. The stupidity of political correctness practiced by the Carter administration was at least temporarily put on hold and Americans felt good about themselves again.

Bill Clinton was the first Democratic president elected in the years after Carter. Clinton was a pragmatist he knew without the support of congress he wasn’t going to get much in the way of his progressive legislation accomplished. Clinton had another problem that dogged him throughout his eight year as president, his libido worked overtime. Charges of sexual misconduct districted energy from the Clinton presidency and kept him otherwise occupied.

George W. Bush our 43rd president was a far more effective leader than he is given credit for being. Bush was convinced he was dealing with honorable men / women in congress, something that would haunt his presidency for eight years. Congress found a scapegoat in Bush and used him to cover years of inept practices. Bush was fighting three wars at the same time the third being the lies being told by congress and the mainstream media. According to media reports they left the impression everyone of the laws passed during the Bush administration were by executive order and of course that wasn’t the case. The laws were passed by congress then demonized and blamed on Bush. George Bush left the presidency knowing he had done his best, far better than his predecessor and far better than his successor would do. Bush left knowing for those who count the facts speak for themselves.

At this point in the Obama presidency it’s difficult to say if Obama is the worst or second worst president behind Jimmy Carter. There has never been a president who so purposely ignored the will of the people the way Barak Obama has. Obama’s attitude boarders on those of a totalitarian dictator, he uses fear and intimidation to attain his goals and of course there is the ever present distortions of truth. It hasn’t occurred to Obama he can’t continue to stomp his feet and scream and get his own way every time. To list all of Obama’s blunders would fill several books, and what would be the point? Everyone who opens a newspaper listens to the radio, logs on to the Internet or watches the news on TV knows how fast the ship is sinking with Obama as the Captain. To say Obama is a bad president may be an understatement, he may share the Horses Rectum Award with Jimmy Carter.

As of now we don’t know who the next president will be, we can be very sure it will not be Barack Obama. He has pretty much sealed his fate as a one term president. There is a question I can’t seem to come to terms with, why would congress legislate themselves out of office? Much of the new legislation before congress hands a great deal of authority over to the executive branch underlings such as administrative appointees and secretaries. I’m not sure what congresses rewards are unless it gives them more time to campaign for a job that has been ruled meaningless. Perhaps it’s because the job of legislating has become too complicated for the incumbents who hold on to those offices with an iron grip. Maybe it’s time to un-complicate the job of congress by election new and fresh uncorrupted uncomplicated men and women.

With each day that passes the Obama arrogance shows through, now it seems congress has more fear of Obama than respect for him. Thank God there are still a few who haven’t been corrupted by the Obama charm. When the rubber hits the road We the People, [aka] Voters are difficult to hoodwink.

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