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June 1, 2010

How Americans Can Win The War Against Illegal Immigration

Filed under: Immigration - 01 Jun 2010

by William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

The illegal immigration issue is reaching a fever pitch again in America with President Obama pushing for new Amnesty legislation, the state of Arizona setting the bar higher for state …

Social Justice pastors, your chickens will come home to roost

When clergy knowingly become involved in an unscriptural heresy called Social Justice, they have sinned against God. It does not matter what denomination is tainted by this false theology, the results will be the same. The Bible says there will …

Why it is Patriotic to Side with Cities that Boycott Arizona

After carefully studying the Arizona immigration law, Senate Bill 1070, I have concluded that the bill is discriminatory, inequitable, unethical, and pregnant with racial profiling mandates. After an exhausting session of cogitating, examining, perusing, and pondering, this is the only …