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June 3, 2010

Developing informants necessary for counterterrorism, say security experts

Filed under: War On Terror - 03 Jun 2010

In 1995, President Bill Clinton composed and signed an executive order prohibiting CIA officers from utilizing “unsavory characters” as informants? In other words, while gathering information or undergoing covert operations, intelligence officers overseas could not develop “assets” who were themselves …

When, indeed?!

Criminals can always find a way around the law, taxpayers can always find a loophole, and politicians can always find a way around a term limit. Term Limits? What term limits? Politicians hit the term limit wall, and just run …

EPA Jackboot Tactics and the Obama Agenda

While the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats know that passing so-called environmental legislation will be a tough sell to the American people, the White House is bypassing the legislative process by using the Environmental Protection Agency.