What’s Missing Is D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E

By: Ken Hughes

Much of what is considered accidents is in reality on-purposes. In other words things that could of easily been prevented if only the me generation had been raised with a little more discipline and a little less political correctness. There’s a documentary available on the internet, Generation Zero that explains what’s happing to economies worldwide and why it’s happening. The march into a socialist society started in 1929 when stock markets around the world crashed and a worldwide depression lasting a decade resulted. The progressive solution was government intervention which all these year later has proven to be the wrong choice. The correct decision would have been physical discipline on the part of everyone.

The markets crashing in 1929 proved to be the golden opportunity for opportunists to create a giant socialist sandwich for the masses to feed on. At the bottom was a slice of social welfare for the underprivileged, on top was a slice of social welfare for corporate and industrialists to feed on. The meat in the center was capitalism the real substance of the sandwich. A verity of accoutrements such as mayo, lattice, tomatoes, pickles spices etc [aka welfare perks] were there to cover the blandness of the meat making it more palatable to those on the receiving end. Through mans greed and the bureaucracy’s willingness to accommodate their greed the system has come to a point when there’s no more meat for the sandwich. The capitalism that feeds every economy is being taxed out of existence. Federal and State spending has gotten out of control, welfare perks [aka entitlements] are no longer sustainable. The grandfathers and grandmothers who brought the world out of the great depression are in their 80’s and are dying off. It’s time for a new generation to get off the government dole and start producing what they consume rather than putting the burden on future generations. In order to do this incumbent legislators must be voted out of office and more reasonable men and women with the future in mind must be elected in their place.

My generation experienced the great depression and world war two, when it took true grit to survive. Our children grew up with June Clever and Woodstock where discipline was something that wasn’t supposed to be a part of our children’s lives. It was a time for a new generation to sprout wings and fly free of the harsh conditions of the past. The moralities of the 30s and 40s had been trampled somewhere in the mud at Woodstock. The 50s and 60s flower children are today’s corporate giants and Wall Street traders. They learned from an early age it’s not the results of the game but how you manipulate the system that counts most, greed replaced discipline and the results are what’s happening now.

The current economic crises was decades in the making it goes back to Roosevelt’s New Deal when the banks were being regulated by some of the country’s most corrupt industrialists. FDR said if you want to keep an eye on the thieves put a thief in charge. It was then he made Joe Kennedy head of the Federal Reserve. The benefits of FDR’s new banking regulations were just out of reach of the average citizen and within reach of the financial market manipulators. Politicians and Industrialists joined together at the altar of marriage and the public became the abused stepchildren. Like so many marriages politicians and industrialists fight in public and jointly enjoy their perversions in private.

There were a number of reasons for the economic meltdown this past year, very little had anything to do with Barack Obama personally. He may very well have exacerbated it somewhat but it was due for some time. When the flower children turned in their tie-dyed shirts and the faded genes for suits and ties to join Wall Street they didn’t leave the “All for Me” attitude behind them. In the 70’s and 80’s the military industrial piggy bank had dried up it was obvious the Techno-geeks were making the big dollars and Wall Street and the industrialists were falling behind in the race for the pot of gold. A very clever scam was devised to change the way the worth of goods and services were traded on Wall Street and how they were to be valued. They applied the same system used in the commodities markets. The value of a company would be based on futures and not on product and performances opening the markets up to untold speculation. The American dream became “Spend today file bankruptcy tomorrow,” America became a credit oriented society based entirely on future earnings.

One of the main reasons for this economic failure is due to liberals in congress insisting every person was entitled to own a home regardless of income or credit status. Banks were pushed by congress to make loans up to 110% of value of the property in order for everyone to qualify. Financial instructions were guaranteed by congress if there were any losses they would be covered by the de-facto government subsidiaries Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, Builders joined in by constructing larger homes, what was a full size home in the 1960s became the game room in the 1990s. Large tracks of land were cleared and houses were built by the dozens on pure speculation. Today many of those homes sit unfinished and unoccupied with most of the builders trying to find ways of existing. Pointing the finger at former presidents is redundant and counterproductive. The blame belongs to congress for years of buying votes with unrealistic promises.

America is behind the international business curve because business leader, politicians and media pundits are three generation behind what’s going on in the world. They’re still treating China as a cold war enemy when the fact is China is becoming the world’s economic leader. In the late 1980’s China opened up and become a trading partner to the world. The first time I was in China was in 1949 when the Communists took charge. The last time was there was in 1987 when the doors opened again, one thing was obvious to me both times was the Chinese have discipline in abundance. If a person of importance in China is found to be corrupt or is found to be incompetent causing great harm they’re immediately removed from their position and in many cases imprisoned, they’re not rewarded with million dollar bonuses and retired. If America’s economic meltdown were going on in China there wouldn’t be any congressional committees investigating those responsible regardless of their position of influence would be locked up in prisons.

It isn’t so much Obama’s socialist agenda bringing down the American economy as it is an American attitude of not recognizing the world is growing up around them and they aren’t seeing it. The American public’s arrogance is creating a stagnation that will require a great deal of discipline to bring this country back to its former greatness. Every American is going to be required to join in the heavy lifting or this nation is going to become another Europe that depends on the rest of the world for its existence. No nation can survive that doesn’t require some degree of discipline from its citizens, this is a fundamental truth.

Obama’s downfall will be of his own doing. It’s congress that has to be changed if we are to become a world leader again. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan “Congress is not the solution congress is the problem.” We can substitute taxes for congress with the same results.

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