Surrr-prise, Surrr-prise, Surrr-prise!

By: Patti Bankson

Spilling Oil: Okay, BP… NOW you’ve done it! You’ve made the president “angry and frustrated”, and a law suit may be coming your way, along with the U.S. government take-over of your business. As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surrrr-prise, Surrrrrrrr-prise, Surrrrrrrr-prise!” After all, we’re talking about guys who want to take over everything! Never mind that they’ve never run a business of any kind, much less one this technically specific. Never mind that they can’t solve the problems that are already theirs to solve, like our economic problems, our unemployment problems, our home foreclosure problems, our terrorism problems, our foreign relations problems, our wide-open borders problems, our immigration problems, our bankrupt cities, states and federal government problems. Let’s see… did I miss anything? In spite of all that, I have to give them credit for being good at something, and that’s forming committees to investigate what went wrong, who did what, where and when, and getting back to us, right? Of course, those committees never seem to get around to investigating their own foxes in the hen house, do they? … Or, would that be the White House? Whatever! These are guys who think they know everything about everything. After all, #2, you’re just an oil company; why would you know how to run an oil company? And why would you be the one most likely to be able to fix a problem like the one you have on your hands now, and why would you be the one most likely to want to get it done, and fast? Because every day this continues it costs you mega bad PR and mega $$$! Of course, they wouldn’t get that, would they? This administration controls their PR as much as is humanly possible from behind an extremely opaque curtain. This law suit threat is the White House equivalent of la famiglia threatening to break your knee-caps! Even if an investigation, or a lawsuit, were called for, keep the attention on fixing the spill… worry about lawsuits later.

Setting Fires: Most Americans know that Memorial Day is a time to remember those who gave their lives to keep us free… Free, even, to act stupid and disrespectful. In some cities across the country, people trampled and torched American flags. Not their own, but those others had put out to honor the vets. In Minneapolis, someone set fire to a flag hanging outside a Marine veteran’s home… thankfully, the home, itself, was spared. Putting aside the crimes these vandals will be charged with, what a sad commentary on “The “Land of the Free”. Apparently, those who did those things think they’re the only ones entitled to the freedoms afforded Americans by our Constitution. They can’t possibly believe that their freedom gives them the right to dictate what freedoms others get to enjoy, can they? Or can they? Unfortunately, I guess it’s possible, because it’s becoming more and more apparent that it’s unacceptable to teach children, at home, or in the classroom, that America is a good country, an exceptional country, full of good, hard-working, fair-minded, caring and giving people… with some selfish, pathetic exceptions.

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