Respect Our Holidays

By: William P. Frasca

Believe it or not I’m trying to find some sort of logic and decency in our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One’, but every time I attempt to analyze his irrational moves of hurtful malicious actions of demeaning our Country’s honor and existence, I regress back to the stone age of contempt.

I’m not going to politicize his actions, especially with one of our most revered National Holidays, honoring all the brave unselfish men and women in the armed forced, that gave their supreme sacrifices in defending our beloved Nation. Memorial Day is their day and should be respected with the highest honors.

President Obama’s visit to the Lincoln National Cemetery in Illinois, though this move should not, in any, way, shape or form diminish or reduce any pertinent acknowledgement to the well deserved recognition of our service men and women. Unfortunately, this was obviously, without a doubt, completely ill advised and a slap in the face to this honorable tradition. Arlington National Cemetery has always been the symbol of high esteem, representing all of America.

An elected President, who has proven to be unreasonable, that forcefully imposes his prerogative on the masses, by announcing his self proclaiming authority, answering to no one, eliminating any or all customary practices, is unquestionably abusing his power.

Arlington Cemetery has and represents the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This yearly celebrated ceremony, of placing a wreath, on Memorial Day, expresses and symbolizes sincere gratitude and acknowledgement, remembering and honoring all those who died in the battlefield, whose remains were recovered and couldn’t be identified. This consecrated ritual represents the millions who lost their lives and are only known to the Good Lord.

Vice-President Joe Biden and his wife did represent President Obama. There was also a Breakfast served at the Whitehouse afterwards with the Gold Star Families, but it’s not the same high status, as being with the Commander-In-Chief.

“We the people and the United States Military” have been subjected to a low confidence level with Obama’s leadership and guidance. He has created doubt and confusion of government uncertainty, sellout, corruption, humiliation and mistrust which is etching an irreversible point of no return, in our hearts and minds.

His Administration wasn’t the first to break this solemn Memorial Day duty, but it seem as though he really enjoys inflicting these sadistic unprecedented actions on us all. This only compounds our lack of assurance and faith, which is building an impenetrable alienating wall of condescending aloofness around his practices and decisions.

His undignified confusing issues, words, deeds and actions, combining with unnecessary procrastinations towards our National security, relating to his past and present actions have been unprecedented, while demeaning and demoralizing our armed forces, together with our civilian defense, our laws and law enforcement.

So why was this used to stir up so much controversy? Why was our observance of, Memorial Day, dedicated to the memory of our heroic dead, and Unknown Soldier, be shattered, by unjustifiably reversing the spotlight on a meaningless insignificant politician and political leader. Obama doesn’t have the right to overshadow the dignity of our Unknown Heroes. This is definitely establishing a mortifying, undignified reaction towards our priorities with no rationalization, explanation or validation.

Slowly but surely this Country is not only losing all established traditions, of recognizing all those who participated and contributed in the building and preserving the established true values of our great Country, The United States of American.
We eliminated our first Presidents birthday, the Father of Our Country, George Washington as a celebrated holiday, by downgrading it to Presidents’ Day, consolidating them all into one big national holiday. How could the powers that be, have any legitimate explanation in categorizing or comparing the high caliber of George Washington with the incompetence of a Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter or Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. This is disgraceful.

President Abraham Lincoln, lead our Country through the most difficult period in our history, the Civil War, when brother fought brother, creating a mass uncontrollable atmosphere of death, destruction, and injury on American soil. He was credited and rightfully honored with his major accomplishments of not only ending slavery but also saving the Union. His birthday is now described as a glorified, wonderful time to shop, with unlimited sales offered and issued by merchants and chain stores.

Our Holidays are our symbols of life, liberty and freedom. Every time we undermine and take them for granted, we lose their true meaning. We take away a piece of ourselves as a Nation. Every time we undermine these precious days that have significant meaning, we not only take a vicious bite out of our history, but also degrading all those who had the foresight, will, and fortitude to fight for the survival and existence of our nation to remain free, under God. This legitimate, rightful, justified appreciation towards them must forever be preserved.

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