Gladys Kravitz and The Left’s Obsession With Sarah Palin

By: Guest Authors

by David Bozeman

I don’t blame Joe McGinniss. Given my affection for Sarah Palin, I would not only be her neighbor, I would gladly set her trash can out on pick-up day. But I’m just an admirer (one of many) — Joe McGinnis would likely leaf through it. This great man of letters, in a stroke of originality, is writing a book on Sarah Palin and relocated to Wasilla, Alaska to do research when the darndest thing happened: he managed to find a cheap, comfortable house to rent RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO THE PALINS! What are the odds?

Joe McGinnis has authored a number of successful non-fiction books, including works on Ted Kennedy and Richard Nixon, among others. He has yet to make himself a household name, but by climbing aboard the left’s anti-Palin express (and having penned a number of blog posts on the former governor), he could well coast off the fumes of her relevance for about thirteen minutes. He proved he didn’t merit fifteen when he commented on her concern for the privacy of her family, accusing her of “unleashing the hounds of Hell.” He stressed that he wasn’t calling her a Nazi, but that her rhetoric was closely akin to tactics used by the Nazis. You might as well have gone all the way, Joe!

Living next door to the Palins, McGinniss bears a striking resemblance to Gladys Kravitz, the nosy neighbor from Bewitched, constantly flummoxed by the witchly goings-on at the Stephens house and never above peering out her window with binoculars (one difference being the unexpected degree of likability for the TV character, one of history’s funniest supporting performances).

Liberals constantly carp about Palin’s mind-numbed followers, but THEY are the ones obsessed — throw cold water on a sleeping liberal and he will jump awake screaming, “She did NOT oppose the Bridge to Nowhere! She’s a moron!” Liberals know Palin’s intimate details — a 22-year old Tennessee college student was recently convicted of hacking into her personal e-mail account. They obsess over her clothing, her tanning bed, her finances (‘$12 million in one year!’), her children (and not just Bristol), her religion (An exorcist spoke at her church — oh, my! And I’m sure he lacked the theological pedigree of, say, Reverend Wright.)

Actor Matt Damon claims that she, the daughter of a science teacher, believes the earth is but 6000 years old. Pornographic dolls and images have been created in her likeness, and Newsweek even published a photo of her from the knees down, while a young man gazes in delight (and the photographer was a disinterested observer, right?). Feminists hail Hillary Clinton as the martyr to media sexism, but, curiously, they loathe private-citizen Palin with a greater passion than they extol Secretary of State Clinton. One has to wonder, could it be that liberals, particularly in media and entertainment, often the rejects and outsiders in their youth, resent this pretty, popular small town girl who succeeds spectacularly at nearly everything she tries? Do they resent that she is effortlessly attractive and likeable?

Could it be that liberals, who profess all this concern for average Americans, don’t really want to see them climb too far above their stations? Sarah Palin gained stature as a VP nominee, and two years later, as a private citizen, she remains beloved and influential. And despite every attempt to render her irrelevant, she keeps coming back, just as radiant and cheerful as ever. Sarah Palin, just by being, inspires a faith in God, community and individual initiative, ungrateful and unaware that the leadership of this nation is the birth-right of scholars and social workers throughout the metropolitan-America/Ivy League corridor.

Liberals love everyday Americans as long as they are dependent on them. Their idea of a typical family is the Joads from The Grapes of Wrath, but show them folks who are content and independent and just wait for the trailer park and NASCAR asides to fly. Sarah Palin the hick has gained admittance to the country club of relevance, and Joe McGinniss, peeking in with binoculars, will expose the spell of the Wicked Witch of Wasilla OR ELSE! They will never admit it, but liberals hold a certain admiration for Palin and wish they could replicate her image, but McGinniss, like Kravitz and others, will likely remain baffled. Many liberal women would truly like to be her, and their fashionable hatred disguises, if not love, a degree of fascination.

Joe McGinniss writes snarling words about a woman, then moves in next door to her, and somehow HE is the victim of Nazi tactics! Set it to music, Joe, that would be more original. The Hounds of Hell are unleashed, but you are the least of their prey. The Palins will protect their family, and their dogs will defend our beloved republic, for which she inspires deep love and commitment. GRRRR!!

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