These Are Dark Days For Obama

By: Ken Hughes

The most telling statement to come out of the Whitehouse in recent weeks was when Obama’s young daughter ask “Daddy why haven’t you plugged that dammed well yet?” [Paraphrased] After a month of avoiding the issue Obama finally stepped up and took charge giving the impression now that he was on top of things the well would be capped. He would make sure those responsible including God and Mother Nature would be held accountable and punished accordingly. No one has explained to me how an oil rig 50 miles off the American mainland coast owned by a foreign registry can come under the jurisdiction of the US President. I have no doubt somewhere along the line congress passed a law taking ownership of the mineral rights to the Gulf of Mexico for the United States, how that can be justified is the question. Dose the president have jurisdiction over the Chinese, Brazilians and Venezuela oil rigs in the Gulf?

Forgive me I just realized this is all Bush’s fault. Obama as usual has clean hands. Blaming Bush is wearing a little thin these days, If Obama can’t take the heat in the kitchen what good is he?

Needless to say this disaster in the Gulf is not sabotage neither al Qaeda nor the Taliban deliberately get that close to water. To think is was a deliberate act on the part of British Petroleum is as stupid as saying it was an act of the right to cause Obama problems. There’s one scenario that hasn’t been heard yet, and that is what if this is like a volcano, when the drilling pipe busted through the cap on the pool of oil the pressure was great enough to blow the safety devices BP had at the well head. I have no idea what the psi is at one mile below the surface of the Gulf but I do know there isn’t much animal or vegetable that can survive at those depths. I’m sure if Obama decided to go down and take a closer look someone would turn off his teleprompter informing him of these facts preventing him form going.

Another problem Obama has these days is how to pacify his Middle Eastern friends without destroying our decades old friendship with Israel. The Israeli Military has been the deterrent that has the Arab Armies frozen within their own boarders preventing a Muslim take over of all of the Middle East. Further more Israel has had a standing offer for the Palestinians to create their own country in the West Bank and Gaza, all they have to do is stop the hostilities and agree to live in peace like good neighbors. The reason the Palestinian leadership and their Arab neighbors won’t accept an Israel offer of an independence state is because Arab leaders fear democracy more than they fear the Israeli Army. They know if Palestine becomes an independent state they will be influenced by the Israelis next door and demand more personal freedoms not accorded in the Muslim world. Obama is afraid to offend his Muslim brothers and is on the verge of offending everyone everywhere because of it, the world wants an Israel just the way it is. Obama’s jackrabbit approach to the region isn’t working and won’t.

Obamas real problem is his falling out with the mainstream media.
Obama seems to be falling on hard times where the media and some of his own former loyal party followers are concerned. There are 2300 candidates running for about 450 congressional seats in the mid term an election, that’s an average of 5 candidates for every seat. The media is digging in and exposing things incumbents have been covering up for years. After all there is meaning to the old adage “Better late than never.”

The biggest thorn in Obama’s and congressional incumbent’s reelections is Sarah Palin the unofficial spokes person for the Tea Party Movement. She’s out there not afraid to tell the truth regardless where it takes her. Sarah Palin speaks out against the corruption in Washington, corruption Obama promised to clean up but has only made worse. The left fears Palin because of her folksy mannerisms that are connecting with voters across America. This is something liberals don’t understand and can’t fake. Sincerity is a gift not something learned at Eastern Universities from insincere lectures. Not all incumbents will be sent packing, not all should be only those who’ve tainted the system with their self indulgence and lust for power.

Obama’s problems don’t end with the Gulf oil spill, Sarah Palin or any of his un-kept promises. They come from his propensity to resort to anger at the hint of any disagreements with his policies. Obama is the quintessential spoiled brat, Obama was abandoned by his parents raised by his grandparents who decided early it was less confrontational to give in to Berry rather than discipline him. By Obama’s own admission he was pretty much a free spirit during his teenage years. His distain for his mother’s side of the family was obvious at the lack of concern he showed when his grandmother passed away. Looking back at the situation Obama doesn’t recognize any of his paternal or maternal kin. Obama seems to be a man without a family perhaps that’s what fosters his angry streak?

I’ve stated before I don’t think Obama will fill out his first term as president. It’s my opinion he will resign some time in mid 2012 before the presidential election. Obama isn’t someone to take defeat graciously, when he sees the odds are overwhelmingly against him I believe Obama will pass the presidency on to Biden and storm out. It isn’t easy being president of the United States especially when your creditability is in question on a minute by minute base. The Obama arrogance far out weighed his ability for the job as president He came to the nation’s attention by way of a gigantic almost Hollywood campaign prompting him as nothing short of the second coming of the Messiah. His promoters either didn’t know or didn’t care he was an empty suit with absolutely no experience in how a national government works. In Chicago politics when the head of the party speaks the underlings all bow down, National politics is compromise and not pissing people of importance off, something Obama has failed miserably to understand. Again I don’t think Obama has what it takes to stick it out when his back is against the wall, I could be wrong but I doubt it.

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