God Weeps

By: Michael John McCrae

I believe there are times when God weeps for men. Men are cruel, wasteful creatures; uncaring much of the time except in selfish pursuits.

What is abortion except waste? It is a waste of art, poetry, music and wisdom. Of the hundreds of thousands legally murdered each year a percentage of those were prodigies capable of bringing humanity closer to its cherished utopia: now, utopia delayed.

When a baby is permitted birth, look at the joy, the smiles and the laughter. Were all babies permitted birth, you might be able to multiply such joys to the extent of contagion. Who gains as great a joy when a baby is murdered? This is why I believe God weeps for man.

The scriptures declare that no greater love there is than that of a man who would sacrifice his own life for a brother. Well, men have been taking the extreme opposite view for the longest time; sacrificing his most innocent to protect his own selfishness. Then, man declares it is all for the good of the baby! Why would we want more innocents born into an evil and murderous world? Why indeed!

The chain of aggression against the unborn baby is almost impossible to understand. Almost!

God is not to blame. He is the author of life. Each baby conceived is a life God had ordained. Man is to blame. Man is the author of death. Abortion was never imagined by God. Life and adoption are God’s ideals. Death through abortion is a creation of men and men say it is a good thing to keep the world from being populated by the innocent. Men are stupid!

And what has science accomplished in the name of mankind except to find ways to custom make children? Men manipulate genes for hair color, eye color, skin color, boy, girl; and should the child not exhibit all the correct selections it is aborted.

Nations of men fall into the trap of genocide; deciding that one child is enough for a family or that all girl babies can be tossed to fate’s dumpsters. That is simple barbarism. When a child survives attempted abortion it is allowed to languish unattended until it dies from neglect. That is a higher form of barbarism.

Then we have the scientifically questionable. The criteria to determine the “health” of a baby before it is born. How many senseless abortions have been committed on a guess by science or by medicine? Yes, I believe God weeps for the innocent lives snuffed out before taking that first breath.

Just what is the definition of “pregnancy” anyway? It is to be “with child”. It is not to be “with lump”, “with growth”, “with tumor” or “with abortion able substance” stuck somewhere in a woman’s lower abdomen. (Of course, the pro-abortionist lobby is probably asking Congress to re-define “pregnancy” as others have been lobbying to re-define “marriage”)

People do not get abortions because God says it’s okay. People murder babies because human law permits it. We all should try to understand how stupid human law can be.

Instead of locking away murderers, child molesters and rapists for life; we parole them back into society. Human law will forgive a killer, yet it will not permit an innocent baby to breathe a first breath. Hell, a murderer on death row can gain fourteen years of appeals. A baby in an abortion gets no deal at all. It is death without right to appeal.

So the legacy of every president since the enactment of the judicial usurpation of law Roe v. Wade is millions of murdered babies every year of their administration. These are legacies that would win the approval of Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao. Those guys were big on killing the innocent too.

Roe v. Wade was legislation from a court’s bench. It is not congressional legislation that has any majority acceptance. The Supreme Court usurped the power of Congress and courts filled with pro-abortionist judges have been stealing legislative power ever since.

It is a particular madness that kills babies without remorse or regret. Called a “simple medical procedure”, ignoring an oath to “Do no harm.” Doctors engage in slicing apart little bodies and sucking them from wombs that should be the safest of all places for the most vulnerable of a society’s population.

No more.

The womb is a killing field. The scalpel has become a sword.

God weeps.

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