Where Is Obama The Magic Dragon

By: Ken Hughes

Obama needs one of those roll around chairs advertised on TV he doesn’t seem to be making it on his own two feet these days. These past weeks seem to have been one blunder after another with little or no attempt to correct them. A crisis is not the time to get mad and start blaming people for things that have yet to be explained. As of now no one knows if it was an ocean floor volcano or something BP didn’t do. I doubt Barack Obama or any of his advisors has the expertise to make that judgment. The first weeks Obama was totally indifferent to the situation in the Gulf, when he did wake up it was with the same fire and finger pointing he uses in every crisis he doesn’t understand. It seems to be a childhood trait when Obama is in doubt he gets angry and screams blame, it’s a grownups version of a child stomping their feet and crying.

Obama’s handlers made a lot of promises on the campaign trail. Obama would be able to make the wind passing over our houses generate more than adequate electricity for our needs. He would be able to turn water into fuel to power our cars with zero emissions plus the other modes of transport. Obama would be able to convert a hand full of soy meal and corn meal into enough food to feed the worlds masses. According to Obama’s campaign promises there was no miracle he wouldn’t be able to perform, Jesus would pale in Obama’s presence or so the public was made to believe. Obama was promising to emulate the masters without knowing what the masters were all about. The Bible say the meek shall inherit the earth it doesn’t say they won’t have to work for their inheritance. Obama has led many to believe once he’s in office life would be like Christmas and birthdays, the government would lavish presents on everyone at no cost to anyone.

The Obama presidency is turning out to be a very hostile adventure on the surface its promises are monumental, below the surface there are more winks and nods than anyone can count. For Obama a promise is nothing more than yesterday’s sound bite, a lie is nothing other than a distorted fact, and lie is not a word found in any Obama liberal dictionary.

Obama, the Media and Pseudo Environmentalists [Pseudo Environmentalist, someone with a PhD from UC Berkley whose only qualification is the ability to determine the quality of Marijuana] have made a mockery out of the Gulf oil spill. They’ve taken what may be the worst crisis in modern times in this hemisphere and made it a political tool. Rather than first cooperating with BP is capping the well Obama and his cabal are laying on blame like we have never seen before. Obama said “We are now in charge”, we meaning the government yet Obama and the media continue to chastise BP for not capping the well. Even Obama’s daughter ask him [if he’s to be believed] why he hadn’t capped the dammed well yet. If Obama [aka] the United States Government is in charge what the hell are they doing? Don’t ask I’ll tell you they’re holding meetings, their evaluating and analyzing in the long term nothing but spreading the bull to cover their asses. The government [aka] Obama doesn’t have a clue and won’t admit it not even to themselves.

There’ve been a number of proposals for dealing with the after effects of the blowout that have been suggested to both the government and BP that have been dismissed or are being studied. Oil skimming ships have been used before very successfully that has been presents to both the government and BP that have been ignored. Sand brumes haven’t been approved yet. It’s as if Obama thinks this is a campaign issue that will work in his favor if left unresolved.

The liberals left and the media are promoting a perception the reason Obama is having trouble getting his message across is because he’s black. First off he’s only half black and second that wasn’t an issue when he was running for president so unless he and his supporters feel it’s an issue his color is mute. Only liberals make color and issue by promoting it connections to inferior behavior. Isn’t it the left who are always setting the bar lower for blacks than any other group, after all slavery ended 145 years ago there’s no one alive today who was a slave? For the most part people turn out to be what they are taught to be by their mentors, if the left is mentoring blacks they’re not doing very well if it requires 45 years of subsidizing their every effort. [From Civil Rights legislation of 1965 to the present]

The public has been made to believe Barack Obama is some kind of genius. Actually if Obama and a box of rocks were up for a MENSA award the rocks would have the stronger advantage. The best that can be said for Obama speaking ability is he reads his Teleprompters well, speaking extemporaneously he fall short of the mark. If I were to make a comparison I would say he’s competing with Daffy Duck. Let me change that to Donald Duck, Daffy is black and I don’t want to be accused of being a racist.

So far Obama hasn’t implemented any of his campaign promises, the troops are still in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans and Obama has expanded covert operation to over 140 nations, nearly 25% more than Bush approved. Guantanamo is still in operation and Obama has expanded the war into Pakistan. There are more supposed innocent civilian casualties now than when it was the Bush war. Actually Obama has taken the mythical Bush war doctrine and expanded it by at least ten. Bush was fighting a containment war in Afghanistan Obama has turned it into an aggressive war. Obviously Obama isn’t a student of the history of the region. No invading army in history has ever won a war in that part of the world. Afghanistan is a word on a CIA map as far as the locals are concerned it doesn’t exist, they’re tribal people and no outside invader is going to change that anytime soon.

If Obama wants to make his bones as a War Don in the streets of Afghanistan while hundreds of al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists weekly cross the border from Mexico into the US so be it. I ran into two the other day who couldn’t communicate in Spanish but if I had accused them of anything I would have been in violation of the Obama executive order, No te metas con la Mexicanos translation, don’t [bleep] with my Mexicans. About the only credit we can give Obama is not chewing tobacco and spitting in the rose garden aside from that he hasn’t accomplished much except perhaps for totally destroying the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party for years to come.

Ronald Reagan was an actor who knew how to talk to people. Barack Obama is a talker who has no interest in interacting with people, that’s the difference in leadership and none.

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