Environmentalism Hurts the Environment

By: Craig Chamberlain

It has been over 50 days since the catastrophic leak in the Gulf of Mexico began. In that time the leak has spread throughout the entire gulf region, and done billions in damages. President Obama, who promised us the most green friendly administration ever, has done nothing but blame President Bush, British Petroleum, and anyone else he can find to point a finger at.

Now, he’s threatening criminal and civil actions against BP. It’s a move that’s typical of a socialist administration. When something goes wrong don’t fix the problem, find someone to blame then hang them. Should BP be punished? Maybe, but probably not. The only reason why they have to drill in waters a mile deep is because they aren’t allowed to drill in shallower, and safer, waters. We could be drilling in the ANWR region of Alaska very safely, with no risk of such a catastrophe. Instead the environmental movement forbids both, so BP is forced to drill in areas where accidents are an inevitability.

A better question to ask is: what good will punishing BP do? Let’s say we throw their top officers in federal prison, we force them to pay for the clean up, and we fine them billions of dollars in punitive damages just for good measure. Ok, then what? The leak still isn’t fixed, oil is still flooding the gulf instead of flooding the market, and no progress has been made. Unless you count the innate sense for politicians to find a scapegoat. Punishing BP might make the President, and his toadies in Congress, look good to the people for having “done something” but it solves nothing.

Incredibly, the solution that many are touting as a fix for this problem is more government. Their argument is that the oil industry isn’t regulated enough. Which is, of course, the fault of previous Republican administrations. Nothing could be further from the truth. The energy companies, especially the oil companies, are the most heavily regulated industries in the country. An oil executive can’t go to the bathroom with a letter of permission from the Secretary of the Interior.

So if the government is supposed to be in charge of oversight, and we have a catastrophe like this doesn’t that speak to the failure, and futility, of government regulation? Still the Democrats want more. There’s only one more step to take and that is outright nationalization of the oil industries, something that the environmentalists and their political allies have long lusted for.

Again, that solves nothing. If the government can’t oversee the oil industries in a competent fashion why should we believe that they could run them out right? It’s best to deregulate. If we get the government out of the way, and end many of these idiotic environmental regulations we will have fewer environmental problems. That might seem paradoxical, but it’s true.

Deregulation will allow for oil drilling in safer areas, where the risk of damaging the environment is far lower. The oil industry doesn’t see deep sea drilling as their first choice, it’s something they do because they are forced to do it. The green agenda makes things more dangerous, and makes the environment more fragile. But this shouldn’t be seen as a surprise. After all, the environmental movement doesn’t have anything to do with protecting the environment. It’s always been a trojan horse for Marxist politics. What the left can’t get in through the front door under the banner of workers revolutions, they will sneak in the back door under the name of environmental protection.

When one cause is disproven, such as the new ice age they were yelping about in the early 1970′s, they move onto another one, not caring if there is an actual science behind their claims at all. Future generations will look back to the environmental movement and see the greatest scientific fraud of all time and wonder how so many people were so gullible that they bought into their claims.

Now, let’s be clear. No one is talking about ending protections for the environment. No one wants to see industrial dumping into our water or poisons belched into the air. But at the same time, this religion of environmentalism must be put to rest. It’s based on junk science, it hurts our economy, and it put our environment in danger.

If we don’t want any more leaks in the gulf of Mexico, then we will get the environmentalists out of the way, and let them drill.

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