Who’s Occupying Whom In The Holy Land

By: Ken Hughes

Through shear propaganda orchestrated by the United Nations Israel has become the occupying force in their traditional homeland. Jews have been a part of the Holy Land since fish stood up and walked out of the Sea of Galilee. Knowing this how can any reasonable person call Israel occupiers? Both Israelis and Arabs can lay legitimate claim to portions of the region, neither can claim the entire region. History of who and how Jews were exiled from the Holy Land is sketchy at best the consensus is they were driven out by Romans and Christian Crusaders, because they left in droves doesn’t mean they gave up their birthright to the land of their ancestors. Jews have turned their portion of Palestine into a relative Garden of Eden while the Arabs next door live in squallier and poverty. The world condemns Israel for protecting its sovereignty and its people and sides with their supposedly oppressed Arab neighbors while ignoring their militant behavior, that’s hypocrisy at it worst.

Whitehouse Columnist Helen Thomas [Of Lebanese heritage] a supposedly unbiased Whitehouse reporter for the Hurst Newspaper Organization made some very anti-Semitic statement, I suspect Ms Thomas’s next employer will be the Helen Thomas Blog since the Hurst Organization has disavowed her statement “All Jews be returned to where they came from”. Isn’t that what’s been done Jews aren’t indigenous to Europe they’re as much a part of the Middle East as any Arab. The right of return was affirmed by the League of Nations in 1917 when Palestine was made a British Protectorate and they were to establish a State of Israel something they neglected to do until 1948 when the United Nations recognized Israel as an independent nation.

Anti Semitism has been part of every conflict the world has suffered since the crucifixion of Jesus. Anti-Semitism is a belief that’s as illogical as bigotry and racism, ethnicity and color have nothing to do with a person’s qualities as a human being. I can understand the Arabs disliking Jews Israel has been able to do in 60 years what the Arab tribes haven’t been able to do in 4 thousand years. Israel has created a society equal to any in the world. Prosperity and freedom abound for every Israeli citizen who wishes to participate in the system. If Israelis are a little touchy about suicide bombers blowing themselves up in coffee shops or rockets exploding in school yards that is to be expected. If Israel chooses to retaliate that is to be expected, every act deserves a reaction, tooth for a tooth and that sort of thing.

Yasser Arafat and his Palestinian militants had been kicked out of every neighboring Arab Nation in the Middle East. Only Israel was willing to tolerate living next door to them. A treaty was negotiated that gave the West Bank and Gaza to the Palestinians with the intention of their make it a peaceful nation among neighboring nations. That wasn’t good enough for the Palestrina leaders they wanted Israel and all Jews out of the Middle East, something even the United Nations didn’t have the nerve to suggest. It’s been burned into the hearts and minds of every Israeli “Never Again” will Jews be forced to leave the Holy Land. “Never Again “ will Jews be herded into pens and slaughtered like livestock. The battle cry of never again has made the IDF one of the most efficient and feared armies in the world.

Once again Israel has come under fire for doing what nearly every other nation in the world should do and that is taking extreme measures to protect its citizens. When Hamas came to power in Gaza one of its first official acts was to declare war on Israel. The quid pro quo is since Hamas has declared a state of war Israel has every right to respond in kind. Palestinians shouldn’t be able to attack Israel with rockets and not expect a response. The world shouldn’t be so surprised when Israel has an embargo on ships entering Gaze are stopped and searched, There are many presidents but the one that comes to mind is during the Cuba missal crises when the US blockaded a foreign nation. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when Israeli inspectors are attacked they would respond. This Turkish ship’s captain knew full well what was going to happen it was the provocation that was caused by the militants on the ship not the Israeli commandos who are at fault.

Make no mistake if Israel has to stand alone against the world they will, just as American patriots harkens to the cry “Don’t Tread on Me” Israelis harkens to their battle cry “Never Again”. The world stood by and watched while six million Jews were being slaughtered. Jews are prepared and willing to pay any price for their freedom and not become second class citizens in someone else’s country to satisfy the Muslim world. Israelis have been more than accommodating in their dealings with the Palestinians if any ethnic group in any Arab country acted the way Arabs do in Israel there wouldn’t even be trials there would be public executions. Israel is an example of humanitarian behavior in the midst of Barbarians.

Anti Semitism is stupid and has no place in the 21st century if we are to represent ourselves and civilized men and women. How can supposedly intelligent man and women condone the barbaric behavior of the Palestinian Militants with a clear conscience while rejecting Israelis right to self protection.

Helen Thomas publically makes one of the most Anti Semitic statements in newspaper history and it doesn’t make the front page of any of her own Hearst publications. This tells us the depths of depravity American newspapers have fallen to. If anyone had said all Blacks should be sent back to Africa the Gulf oil spill would be discussed in the back sections of every news organization in this country. Hostilities in the Holy Land will be resolved when the world rids its self of its anti-semitic attitudes and accepts Israel for what it is one of the worlds few peace loving nations. Once Arab Militants lose their charm and are seen for what they are as nearly subhuman things will change.

Footnote: To put Helen Thomas dismissal politely, it was 89 years to late in coming.

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