The Speechmakers

By: Michael John McCrae

There was Hitler: he of the grand speech of the superiority of the Arian race. His speeches directed anger toward the Jew, and the dissident; provoking his nation to war and the destruction of millions of innocent lives. For a while he was the most popular and beloved leader in the world. Other national leaders sucked up to him, gave him his head, refused to diplomatically shut him down when his armies began their conquest of Europe.

He was a liar and everyone believed his lies. He shut down printing presses, suppressed individual dissent and political rivalry. By the time Germany realized they were in a situation they could not extract themselves from it was far too late. Germany eventually had to be totally destroyed because of one man’s glowing rhetoric.

There was Stalin. He liked his speeches too. If you didn’t like his line of reasoning that was okay. He would just have you killed. Yet, he was beloved by enough evil and greedy people to retain power

There was Chairman Mao. Probably still beloved by huge majorities of people. But he was a killer and a liar too. His utopia never evolved beyond having his likeness plastered on every possible wall in every possible building.

There was Fidel Castro. He loved speeches at length. While he talked his population could not dwell on the thousands of imprisoned people, the passive printing presses or the fact that he was eating while everyone else was hungry.

There is Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: two wannabe world leaders flexing their muscles, suppressing presses and jailing those in disagreement. They are in great love with their own reflections; reflected in their many speeches to anyone who cares to listen.

Then there is Barack Obama. He loves speeches. Speeches are how he personally believes he is making progress. He believes his words get things done. He doesn’t see his words damaging the aggregate culture that was America. He wants America to become as socialistic as the other world nations. He believes everyone should be equal, but not equal in individual freedom. He believes that equality must include an equality of misery; watched over and managed by a government after the image of Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

What are “Czars” except usurpers of power? Congress is to make law, but not according to Obama. Obama ignores the will of the people he was elected to serve; believing it is better to act as ruler with his own set of personal mandates. He does that believing the people love what he is accomplishing; not seeing the anger of the people or the destructiveness of his mandates.

Just as Nero fiddled while the Roman Empire collapsed, so Obama plays golf, incessantly parties at the White House and makes excuses to go on vacation while America struggles with unchecked illegal immigration, catastrophic oil spills and a nuclear danger from Iran. If these world situations disturb his vacation plans, he simply takes a day for the perfect photo opportunity and makes a speech. Then, everything is well enough again so he may attend his next White House concert in peace.

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