Who Sent Obama And Why?

By: Ken Hughes

If Obama was sent to us for divine guidance then something isn’t right. If God sent Obama to make all men and women on this earth economically equal then one would assume he would have sent him when the Neanderthals were trading bear meat for women. If all the profits of old couldn’t get the job done how is Obama expected to do what they couldn’t. Could it be Obama is a fraud? Maybe Obama isn’t heaven sent after all maybe he’s just another con man using his skills with a teleprompter to memorize society. What do we know about Obama other than he was raised in a dysfunctional family by his grandparents? His mother was an irresponsible semi-professional student and as for his father he was nothing more than a sperm donor. His grandparents obviously exerted little or no control over little Berry’s early activities. The public knows very little about Obama he doesn’t tell them, usually when a person is elected president the public knows everything about them from diapers to the Oval office. No teenage friends have come forward with stories, this is either because he didn’t have friends or they fear the consequences of talking about him.

It became obvious after hearing the Obama plan for redistributing the assists of this country while not touching the responsibilities something had to be done to preserve the republic. Throughout Americas history just when it seems the country is about to jump into the abyss something or someone comes along and pulls us back. The good book warns us to be weary of false profits, these days this country is being lead by a false profit Barack Hussein Obama and his fake disciple’s, congress.

There are some similarities between Jesus and Barack Obama they both had other occupations before they became lecturers. They were both conceived out of wedlock. They both promised miracles if their followers remained faithful. For expressing their views they both ended up on the Via Dolorosa, the path to their crucifixion. Jesus made the journey and passed on. Obama is just now entering the first Stations of the Cross.

There are basically three types of citizen, those who are committed to seeing the best possible candidates are elected to office, those who vote their party’s line without regard for the eventual consequences and those who don’t care enough about the way their country is run to bother voting. Throughout history the over crazed political zealots have tried to find ways of keeping the neophytes out of the voting booths. The most recent attempt has been to vilify the Tea Party movement as terrorists or similar classifications. What the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party isn’t willing to admit is that is was decent and disagreement that inspired the original Tea Party activists to action, agreement and political decent are all part of the process when it’s working right.

Several things came together for the Tea Party movement this year. The current recession woke the whole the nation up to what was going on around them. They were being sold out by a charlatan president and a corrupt congress. Roger Ailes head of Fox News reached out to Sarah Palin, one of the most politely astute women in the country and gave her and the Tea Party movement a legitimate platform something the mainstream media hadn’t done. Fox News reaches more people than the three network news programs combined. Add the conservative talk show hosts to the list of Tea Party supporters and the majority of the country is getting the benefit of conservative messages or as I like to say, the truth.

There seems to be a change in the coverage of Obama by the mainstream media. They’re no longer just endorsing the talking points coming out from the Whitehouse propaganda staff. A number of reporters have actually begun to write their own reports. Obama’s bungling the Gulf oil spill disaster and recent facts about health care legislation in the works has made a number of honest reporters ears perk up to the fact they’ve been feed a pack of lies for the past 17 months. The media is slowly coming to the conclusion Obama is not a Messiah but just another hustler out for fame and fortune.

The left continues to raise questions about the Tea Party movement’s agenda. There’s really no need for speculation it’s all out there in the open, they want to elect representatives who will work for the public good and not the political party they’re members of. The reason the left is confused is because the Tea Party is open and up front, liberal politicians don’t understand honesty. If something doesn’t have a hook somewhere it can’t be real. Tea Party participants across the country have never said they were anti incumbent, anti Republican or anti Democrat, What they have been saying is they’re anti big government and anti excessive unnecessary spending. It’s hard for the average voter to get why so many in congress don’t understand their message voters get it.

Over the years new political parties have sprung up intent on changing the way Washington works [or doesn’t work] they got literally nowhere. The Tea Party movements made it perfectly clear from the outset they were not and would not become a third political party. It’s been the intention from the outset to endorse conservative candidates regardless of political affiliations. There are 2300 candidates including incumbents running for a shot at 468 seats in congress. The way things are shaping up this is going to be more of a change than 1994 when Republicans took congress with a promise of change. Changes incidentally that congress was able to shut down, not again this time the changes will stick.

Between now and November its up to every concerned citizen to spread the word the importance of shutting down this out of control president and congress. Only your votes can do the job.
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