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June 20, 2010

Obama Nominee Defended Saudi Terrorist

President Barack Obama’s nominee for the number two spot at the U.S. Justice Department served as a lawyer for the Saudi royals who helped finance the 9-11 terrorist attacks and raked in millions of dollars to “monitor” a collapsed insurance …

Louisiana: It’s Our Butt that’s getting Kicked!

Filed under: In The News,Politics In General - 20 Jun 2010

In less than twenty minutes I can reach the areas affected by the oil gushing from the BP deep water drill site in the Gulf. We here in St. Bernard Parish will feel the brunt of this disaster for decades …

Barack Obama in Search of Ass to Kick

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Barack Obama, when unscripted, instinctively displays the tawdry substance that burdens his character. Obama seems overwhelmingly challenged with the obligation of displaying, at the least, a perfunctory element of noblesse oblilge. His latest fraudulent paroxysm regarding the oil spill in …