America Is Becoming Its Own Worst Enemy

By: Ken Hughes

… thanks to Barack Hussein [Little Berry Dunham] Obama

For nearly a year and a half President Obama has launched attack after attack on nearly every one of this countries institutions and industrial bases. Barack Obama’s made America its own enemy by pointing an accusatory finger at the things that made this country the leader in nearly every field of endeavor until January 2009. After the confetti stopped falling, the bells and whistles silenced and the drunks found a place to sleep off their feelings of euphoria Barack Obama began to plan how he would change America into the purest form of socialism mankind had ever seen. Where Marx and Lenin, Moa Si Tung and Ho Chi Min failed Obamanomics would succeed. The Gods of Socialism had lined the stars up in Obama’s favor. Hadn’t the German people given him a reception unlike anything since Hitler’s march into Munich and Austria? Obama wasn’t smart enough to recognize Germany isn’t America, it’s customary for Europeans to congregate in the streets, for Americans it’s the exception. Americans show their feeling at the ballot box something Obama isn’t yet aware of.

November 2008 Rush Limbaugh stood alone when he said he hoped Obama fails. Tonight people across America are praying no more of Obama’s agenda makes it through congress. No one knows how little Berry Dunham the street smart semi-orphaned child from Hawaii became the Messiah Barack Obama. Was it divine providence or was it that no one up there was paying attention? I hate to think our guardian angels error I suppose it’s possible, with nearly 7 billion people on this earth it takes a lot of looking after.

President Barack Obama began his presidency barking at the financing the housing industry. It was big banks and big lenders who were bringing America down. In fact it was big government in the form of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac who caused the housing bubble to bust. Obama’s next target was the Auto Industry, only he could solve their problems. He dumped billions into General Motors and dumped Chrysler completely. The billions Obama gave GM went to the United Auto Workers Union to pay for retirement benefits. Ford Motor Company on the other hand resisted the temptation for free money and have become Mr. Big in the auto industry without a bailout. Obama has passed out more tax payers money in a year and a half to those who’ve supported him than any president in history. Obama has brought living on credit to a new high, a high this country can’t afford or sustain.

Obama made several promises on the campaign trail. He was going to bring transparency to government. Instead he’s deepened the wall of secrecy between government and the people. He was going to close the gap between the rich and the poor all he’s managed to do is make more poor through unemployment. Obama is obviously one of the most hostile and arrogant presidents this country has ever elected yet he proposes an end to America’s arrogance and hostility around the world. When Obama first became president he went around the world bowing and humbling himself to every despot he could find. He did the buddy shake with Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez, they’ve since became some of his worst critics. What Obama sees as progress the rest of the world sees as hypocrisy, they know Obama isn’t anything but a young upstart inexperienced president and he isn’t going to do much to change one of the strongest nations on earth? The world knows Obama has little more than two years left to strut and crow. The world knows Obama wouldn’t know a hog scolding from a taffy pull.

It’s obvious from Obama’s actions, for him it isn’t so much about being the president as it is about being recognized as president. As a child in Hawaii Obama [aka] Berry would have gone unrecognized as half African, instead he would pass as a Pacific Islander. They have many of the same features as American blacks. He could and more than likely did pass as a young Hawaiian Islander growing up in paradise. It was his days as a beach boy where he learned his charm and arrogance. Survival often depends on turning fiction into fact. It seems for Obama being president is like a kid’s day at the amusement park. His greatest ambition is he wants to go on every ride before he’s kicked out of the park.

Obama hasn’t done much right in his sixteen months as president but his bungling the BP oil spill has been over the top even for him. It’s inconceivable anyone could find so many ways to make themselves look like a horse’s ass as Obama has over this BP thing. The public has to be asking if they know more after Obama’s speech than they did before. Did Obama share any insight into the cause or the cure for the well blowout? Did Obama offer a plan for cleaning up the gulf coast? Did Obama explain why nine countries that offered help at the beginning were turned down for not filling out their offers properly in accordance to EPA rules? Did he explain why skimmer ships with foreign registry and crews could not operate in the Gulf because it would have upset the Unions? What did Obama do, he blamed everyone from BP to Bush to the plankton at the bottom of the gulf, not once did he mention the well not passing its inspections and his bureaucracy looking the other way. Could it be the millions of dollars his party received in campaign contributions has to be recognized?

Did Obama explain where his authority came from to brow beat a foreign company drilling fifty miles out in international waters? Did Obama say if he has authority over all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico? There are at least a half dozen other countries drilling in the gulf and some are not so friendly with us. Is it because Obama feels he’s the biggest and the baddest shark in these waters he can throw his weight round?

There are some things I can’t do and maintain a clear conscience. I won’t smoke pot, I won’t peek in my neighbors window no matter if she leaves the curtains pulled back, I won’t eat at McDonalds and I can’t watch or listen to one of Barack Obama’s pathetic speeches, they’re about as informative as a spinsters last will. There’s no question Obama hasn’t a clue what he’s doing involving himself in this mess. There are a number of professional rig restorers whose job it is to fight oil fires and other problems the largest is Boots and Coots who did most of the work in the Kuwaiti oil fires during Desert Storm. Boots and Coots the best in the business is owned by Halliburton so naturally regardless of their ability they were not on the invited guest list. These well restoring people make a living cleaning up such messes why haven’t we heard about any of them on sight?

There’s no question Obama’s handling of this catastrophic event has brought his approval ratings to their lowest point to date. Actually George Bush’s approval ratings are better than Obama’s in the latest polls. Maybe the voters will learn from this experience Bubble Head Dolls don’t make good presidents.

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