Now I’m Getting Scared

By: Ken Hughes

There’s a bill before congress to give the administration a kill switch to shut down the internet. Janet Napolitano says it’s necessary to fight home grown terrorists. This is the same Janet Napolitano Director of Home Land Security who refuses to move against the illegals crossing over from Mexico. It’s been documented not all of those crossing the border are Hispanics. There have been documented cases where Middle Easterners have learned a few basic words of Spanish just enough to fool the Migras and Border Patrol and they are coming to this country to practice their terrorism acts. Obama and Napolitano can’t fight terrorism by depriving American citizens of their rights and not do something about the real terrorists. So far all of the terrorist attacks that have occurred during Obama’s time in the presidency have been foiled by average citizens or the police. Home Land Security seems to be sitting on their hands looking the other way. Big Sis or Big Lez as she’s referred to around the office hasn’t done much in the way of investigating foreign terrorists in this country.

We use to say the government was chipping away at the people’s rights, now they’re using a chain saw ripping them up. Everything liberals wanted and didn’t get for the past seventy-five years are hidden in these bills being passed by congress. There’s been some talk about perhaps instituting some government oversight of journalism in the near future. This madness of overriding the constitution has to come to an end if we’re to remain the land of the free. There are provisions for amending the constitution should it be deemed necessary. The constitution has been amended only twenty-seven times since the first ten amendments were ratified in 1791, always in a lawful and respectful manor. There have been no amendments since May 1992 however there have been violations galore by presidents and congress.

Why was the constitution so revered by elected officials for two hundred twenty years and so despised for the past sixteen months? There was a time when every congress person carried a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in their pockets all of the time, I wonder how many do so these days? *

There hasn’t been much in the past sixteen months in the way of legislation the public can look at with pride disgust is perhaps a better description. We have a president who seems to delight in expanding the misery index. He manages to find someone to blame for every mini crises that comes along, the big crises he blames on everyone. It’s almost amusing when Obama takes responsibility in one breath then blames former President Bush in the next. Democrat’s won in 2006 and again in 2008 running against George Bush it’s doubtful that strategy will work a third time.

Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership single handedly created the need for the Tea Party movement, a movement they totally misunderstand. As the Tea Party movement grows in stature and Liberalism falls to its lowest levels in years the Democratic leadership remains blinded by their own self importance. It’s as if the president and the democratic congress can’t hear the winds of change whistling around them. It seems the acoustics inside Washington are the poorest in the land where sound only travels out never in. A few of the Obama faithful are moving closer to the center as his policies get more intrusive into the lives of the public. There’re a number of hidden restrictions in the health care bill and the stimulus bills that fly in the face of the constitution especially the tenth amendment that gives states and the people all powers not specifically assigned by the constitution to the federal government.

I worry that public interest may diminish after the November 2010 elections. Changing a few congress persons isn’t enough the entire mentality of the federal government must change if we’re to remain the freest nation on earth. No president in history has had the nerve to openly defy the constitution no congress in history has ever followed such a president into a political meat grinder the way Democrats are doing today. That is precisely where the Obama administration and its followers are headed even if they don’t change their ways.

It’s becoming painfully obvious President Obama can’t manage crises and can’t delegate responsibility to those who can. Sending a Nobel laureate with no experiences in disaster management to investigate the Gulf Oil spill is not only absurd it’s insulting to those on the job. Due to Obama’s inexperience’s he has totally mismanaged the whole BP matter, it was on Obama’s watch the oversight for the deep wells in the gulf were being supervised / inspected [or not] as obviously the case is. Obama has seriously damaged his credibility by making this a political issue and allowing the coasts of five states be destroyed. This is something that can’t be passed back on Bush or Republicans. The BP disaster and how it’s being mishandled is squarely on Obama and his people. Obama after ignoring the problem for nearly a month stepped up and took responsibility for the management of the situation, something he’s failing miserably at. The president would be far better off to step back and allow real experts men who understand drilling accidents do the heavy lifting.

Barack Obama may or may not be the master of his own destiny, there seems to be some question just how much he personally contributed to his election as president. I think we can all agree he is a master of the teleprompter but how much is Obama and how much comes from his handlers. Obama has proven he’s no leader and has no management skills from his performance the past sixteen months. The founding fathers created a government that explicitly prohibited one man and one party rule. They intended to create a government where the people were the final decision makers not a single person or a single political party. In 2008 it was the voters who failed to hold up their end of the founding fathers original bargain with the people.

I’m not really afraid the wheels are falling off America, we’re stronger than that. In my lifetime I’ve seen America bounce back from things far more destructive than Barack Obama. This to will pass beginning in November 2010.

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* Pocket sized Booklets of these documents are available through the Heritage Foundation and the CATO Institute

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