Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC) has announced that reducing America’s current historically high legal immigration levels to lower more sustainable levels will be added as an official position in the group’s platform.

The decision was made after an internal poll of ALIPAC’s supporters showed 88% favored lower legal immigration levels in addition to the group’s advocacy for enforcement of America’s existing border and immigration laws.

America currently admits over 1.6 million legal immigrants per year, which is a historically high level and is more than all the other nations combined. This continues despite the fact over 25 million Americans are unemployed and underemployed.

“The American public is saying clearly and decisively that we want illegal immigration stopped, reversed, and legal immigration levels reduced until this crisis has been mitigated,” said William Gheen. “Our goal at ALIPAC is to give the public the kind of representation they are not getting from Washington, DC where it has become clear that legal and illegal immigration are being used to harm innocent Americans despite the public outcry.”

ALIPAC continues to receive reports of H1B visa applicants being used to replace innocent American workers and hyper inflate the labor markets in the US, while President Obama continues to defy his Oath of Office and the US Constitution by refusing to adequately enforce the existing laws of passed by Congress.

The name Americans for Legal Immigration was chosen to convey the groups support for legal immigration and those who honor and respect America’s laws and principles. Over the last five years, ALIPAC has earned the support of many legal immigrants and over 30,000 Americans representing every race, political party, state, and walk of life.

ALIPAC’s platform has proven to be highly influential in the national debate about illegal immigration and in many campaigns for public office. Under the simple slogan “Enforce Our Existing Immigration Laws”, the ALIPAC platform asks lawmakers to secure our borders, fine businesses that hire illegal aliens, remove all welfare benefits, licenses, and tuition breaks for illegals, and to empower local police to enforce immigration laws. Each aspect of the current ALIPAC platform is embodied in Federal law and will reverse illegal immigration thus avoiding any need for mass deportations or Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY legislation.

“We still support legal immigration,” said William Gheen. “We just want lower levels of legal immigration, until the Rule of Law is restored in America and governmental safeguards protecting Americans from the importation of harmful products and immigrants are back in place.”

ALIPAC’s official platform is being changed today with the addition of “Legal immigration levels should be reduced from the current historically high levels to lower and more traditional levels.”

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