Is Obama Becoming A Bush Lite

By: Ken Hughes

The mainstream media and political pundits from the left went absolutely giddy over Obama putting General Petraeus in charge of the Afghan war. These are the same people who called George Bush an incompliant idiot for making the same decision. In nearly every one of their comments the buzz word has been Obama was “brilliant”. Call me cynical but that sounds like it came straight out of the White House propaganda room. Which brings up the question is the media reporting the news or the Obama directed news? Is Obama along with his other multiple skills a news paper editor? I have a friend who will say George Bush did it, that of course isn’t true George Bush had very little to do with the media most of the time he ignored them. But this blame Bush does bring up a question. If Obama’s been president for sixteen months and hasn’t been able to get rid of the Bush influences in government and instill his own policies just how qualified is he to be president?

George Bush would never have thought of stripping the American people of their God given rights the way Obama and the 111th congress is doing. Obama recently made a speech praising Americans for their leadership in the world at the same time one of his lackeys was saying the world could no longer depend on America for leadership, which is it Mr. President are we in or out?

The discontent of British rule boiled over in 1770 planting the seeds of revolution. Some twenty years and hundreds of lives later the founding fathers gave a rag tag group of war weary people a new nation based on the principle given the opportunity man could better plan his own destiny than any government bureaucrat. That theory worked in principle until Obama and the 111th congress came along and systematically began to take all of the people’s rights away from them. For more than two hundred years Americas pride had been its freedoms, now Americans wonder what freedoms they will be able to enjoy tomorrow, or if Obama will build ovens to rid the country of conservative dissidents and Jews. For over two hundred years Americans have fought wars here at home and around the world to preserve the rights of the individual, now those rights are being take away at the ballot box. However all is not lost what can be taken away at the ballot box can be returned at that same ballot box all it takes is awareness and courage.

When Obama ran for president he promised the transparency of government, all things would be out in the open and the people would have time to digest any legislation before it became law. This has been the most secretive administration in decades, in previous congresses bills of one hundred pages were deemed excessive. Legislation consisting of thousands of pages are passed by the 111th congress that aren’t even read before they’re passed and sent on to the president for his signature. Several congress persons have admitted there will be ample time to see what’s in the legislation when it comes to implementing them as laws.

Transparency is just one of Obama’s unkept promises and there have been others equally disingenuous. Obama promised to close Guantanamo Prison and preserve the rule of law, he’s done neither. Obama promised to bring the troops home from Iraq, they’re still there. He promised to curb special operations around the world instead he’s increased the manpower by 25% to several more countries. He promised to pay special attention to the US / Mexican border. What he’s done is appoint a clown to supervise ICE who believes in sanctuary cities and says he will not cooperate with the State of Arizona enforcing any immigration laws. If I were the Governor of Arizona I would immediately submit a bill of cession to my states legislator that would get Obama’s attention. Obama also told Senator Kyl of Arizona he’s holding boarder enforcement hostage to blackmail Republicans into voting for his immigration bill.

It would take more time and space than I’m allowed to point out all the things Obama promised and hasn’t followed up on. To say Obama is a habitual liar is a gross understatement.

Obama pretends to have been a constitutional law professor at the University of Chicago. His actions concerning the rule of law contradict his claim. Obama has deprived BP of their right to due process and a fair trial to determine their guilt. It is not a president’s prerogative to determine guilt or innocence on his own. This is something Obama all too frequently is quality of himself jumping to the wrong conclusions before he has all the facts. BP is responsible for compensating those who’ve been harmed but it is not for Obama to personally decide it’s for the courts to determine the degree of damage. If Obama were concerned with the law then he would act in accordance with the rule of law something he isn’t doing.

With the magnitude of the gulf oil spill why should anyone be concerned with Obama’s over stepping his authority where BP is concerned? Because today it’s BP tomorrow it’s “We the People” who are becoming victims of a government out of control. Its obvious Obama is intent on taking America back to the days when the people served the government rather than the government serving the people. Obama doesn’t seem to recognize it was America’s independence that sent the world in the direction of freedom for the people. It has been Americans freedom that’s inspired people around the world to stand up for their rights in the face of oppression. Our southern Hispanic neighbors defy unspeakable hardships and even death to come to America seeking freedom. If this Obama dictatorship continues there will be no need of closing the boarder, freedom loving Americans will be heading south and north to escape the Obamanistas oppressive rules.

Sixteen months ago when myself and like minded people began to warn of the Obama threat that was coming we were called extremist. Now we’re being asked why we didn’t warn them. The answer of course is why they didn’t listen. Make sure who ever you vote for listens to what you want and not what they say you want we’ve had 75 years of that and it hasn’t worked.

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