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June 14, 2010

The real “Ass” Obama should be kicking

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The real “ass” Obama should be kicking is the donkey “icon” for his Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party beast of burden is foundering under the Obama administration’s heavy burden of an impending $19 trillion debt by 2015, trillion dollar deficits as …

June 13, 2010

Obama allows Mexican officials to aid lawbreakers in U.S., says legal group

In what they characterized as “a baffling development,” a public-interest law group revealed that a major U.S. county is allowing the Mexican government to operate “a satellite consular office” to offer the area’s illegal immigrants identification cards that will facilitate …

Obama to graduates: “Don’t make excuses.”

Filed under: In The News,Politics In General - 13 Jun 2010

Incredible. Barack Obama has done it again, turned the office of the presidency into a forum for lies. Monday, speaking to high school graduates, The Finger Pointer-in-Chief dropped jaws across the nation, claiming the high road with regard …

Attorney General Lacks WMD Response Plans

Filed under: War On Terror - 13 Jun 2010

Is Attorney General Eric Holder more interested in bullying Arizonians over immigration enforcement than in protecting Americans from nuclear, biological or chemical weapons?

Bobby Jindal Versus Barack Obama: The Rematch

On February 24, 2009 Barack Obama delivered his first State of the Union speech to the resounding accolades of the liberal press. Barely a month after his inauguration, he still basked in the glow of the standard “honeymoon,” bolstered by …

June 12, 2010

Another Week, another Throng of Lies by Barack Obama

Filed under: In The News,Politics In General - 12 Jun 2010

Barack Obama catered another all you can eat buffet of distortions topped with homegrown lies this past week. The question is: To whom is he lying? Who could possibly be left to listen? What character flaw would allow anyone to …

Al-Qaeda/FARC connection: Running drugs to U.S.

Three suspected al-Qaeda associates who were apprehended in West Africa by U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents during an international anti-drug operation, were extradited to New York and appeared in federal court in Manhattan, according to reports obtained by the National …

Why Firing Helen Thomas Wouldn’t Have Violated Free Speech

Liberal journalist Helen Thomas has sparked controversy over her comments that Jews should go back home, citing Poland, Germany, America, and “everywhere else” as their home. In a perfect world where everyone did the right thing and condemned these kind …

The Danger Of A Government With Unlimited Power

The Obama administration continues the nation’s travels, since Franklin Roosevelt’s socialist New Deal in the 1930s, along what Friedrich von Hayek called The Road To Serfdom.

Hang Together

A lot of primaries are over though there are still others left to be hard. But one thing is clear and that it is that it is time for Americans that believe in America to unite behind the candidates …

June 11, 2010

I Got Some Transparency for You Right Here

Filed under: Politics In General - 11 Jun 2010

President Obama promised the most transparent administration in history. He pledged all bills would be posted online for five days before he signed them. Turns out that only applied to NON-emergency bills, and everything is …

Coolidgizing Reagan

Filed under: History - 11 Jun 2010

By Ron Lipsman

I grew up in the 1950s in a union household where leftist thought was accepted as gospel. I recall three jokes/stories that I heard repeatedly at family events:

U.S. Jihad: NJ men arrested for conspiring to commit terrorist acts

Filed under: War On Terror - 11 Jun 2010

Two men living in New Jersey were captured at New York City’s JFK International Airport as they were boarding flights on their way to joining an al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group in Somalia. The suspects are charged with conspiracy to commit …

Just Finish the Dang Fence

Why did building the fence along our southern border stop? Instead of building the fence, Barack Obama would rather build a political party of illegal aliens and their supporters. Unless we want to be dealing with immigration problems in perpetuity, …

June 10, 2010

Where Is Obama The Magic Dragon

Filed under: Politics In General - 10 Jun 2010

Obama needs one of those roll around chairs advertised on TV he doesn’t seem to be making it on his own two feet these days. These past weeks seem to have been one blunder after another with little or no …

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