The Illegal Alien Destruction of Maywood CA


Friends of ALIPAC,

Some of you may have heard the news stories about Maywood, California. The small town is on the verge of becoming unincorporated and has fired all police and staff. Maywood has fallen to illegal immigration. Is your town next?

National radio show host Roger Hedgecock has written a very important piece about Maywood, Ca. to help our supporters understand how illegal immigration swept Maywood into destruction. In fact, Maywood may just be one of many dominoes falling in California. The evidence is strong that what happened there is coming to your town eventually unless we can stop Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the CEO’s of Hewlett Packard, Boeing, and Disney from passing Comprehensive Amnesty with President Obama.

ALIPAC remains the largest archive of information in existance on these topics, and sometimes articles and videos we preserve help us to bring new supporters up to speed.

So please read Roger Hedgecock’s article about Maywood and then review ALIPAC’s videos showing ILLEGAL ALIENS TAKING DOWN THE AMERICAN FLAG AND RAISING THE MEXICAN FLAG OVER MAYWOOD A FEW YEARS AGO.

Since much of the American media is being silent about this story, this information is being sent out nationally to ALIPAC’s 30,000+ supporters and our national media contact list of tens of thousands of press contacts.

Welcome to Maywood, Mexico
by Roger Hedgecock

Video 1
Lou Dobbs Show Covers Maywood, Ca. Flag Incident

Video 2
Mexicans and Illegals Take Over Maywood, Ca. Post Office and Raise Mexican Flag (RAW FOOTAGE)
Aug. 26, 2006

We hope this background information and these shocking videos will help many new ALIPAC supporters better understand the seriousness and importance of our work.


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