This 4th of July Has Meaning Over The Past

By: Ken Hughes

Today is the 4th of July the day we celebrate the birth of our nation. This 4th of July citizens are gathering in mass to affirm the rebirth of our nation. Patriotic citizens across America are gathering in what has become known as Tea Party meetings to once again rescue a people from an oppressive government. The first protests were in 1770 in Boston when a hand full of citizens stood up to the British Army, from Boston it spread across the colonies until it became a full blown armed revolution. It’s doubtful this movement to unseat an oppressive government will go that far now they have the ballot box that serves the same purpose as muskets did in 1776.

This may surprise people to know the colonials had more individual rights as British citizens than Americans have today. This past sixteen months in the dead of night behind closed doors the rights of American citizens have been systematically taken away. The two thousand page plus of bills breezing their way through a liberal congress are all about eroding the constitution to a point it becomes meaningless. The bureaucrats think they know better what is best for people than the people themselves know. This fly’s in the face of what America stands for. Individual freedom is the Holy Grail of this great country and its people will not allow that to be circumvented by ambitious politicians individuality is every Americans God given birth right first and foremost.

This 4th of July more Americans will wave old glory and sing God Bless America than in previous years because they’re confident in a short four months they will be taking their country back from those who would destroy what so many have fought and died to preserve, the freedom of a nation. The greater good and spreading the wealth equally is not the American way, the American way are charitable contributions to those in need not those with a hand out without good cause. For over 200 years this nation has grown and prospered because individuals have been free of excessive government controls, until the 2008 presidential election the government was presumed to be in the employee of the people. Somehow that seems to have gotten turned around. Now the people are subjects of the government, how long will it be before it becomes King Obama and his Royal Court?

This 4th of July flags will wave and speeches will be made, there will be a difference instead of politicians spreading the bull about how they’ll turn a corrupt system around Joe and Jane [not Jose and Juanita] citizen will be telling the candidates how they better turn this corrupt system around or suffer the consequences.

The 4th of July transcends America, every year the cities of Detroit Michigan and Windsor Canada thousands gather on both banks of the Detroit River to watch the fire works being shot from barges in the middle of the river and celebrate America’s birthday. There was a time when these joint celebrations were held by many of our neighbors north and south they were commonplace, I doubt they are today. Barack Obama made the fatal mistake of thinking by trashing what had been America’s image he could somehow change that image to a more positive perception of this nation, What Obama failed to recognize is America has always been the beacon of hope for the common man around the world. The world populations have always looked to America for their inspiration even when their governments didn’t.

I have been blessed having lived for several years as an expatriate in a country where individual freedoms didn’t exist. The morning I woke and looked out across New York harbor at the fog lifting around the Statue of Liberty was one of the most exhilarating feelings I have ever had. My love for and understand of this country has never diminished in the 58 years since the day I arrived back in America.

The United States of America was created after the war for independence. It survived its first challenge in the second war with the British in 1812. Maintaining a Democratic Republic has been the constant challenge from the beginning. There are always those who wish to assume absolute power, they not “We the People” are the misguided ones. As long as the people are free to choose their representatives every 2, 4 and 6 years our freedoms are relatively safe. There is no legislation congress passes that can’t be changed or abolished by a more reasonable congress more in tune with the peoples needs and wants. I often marvel at how a group of such intelligent men came together in one place at one time and created the greatest nation the world has ever known. I’m equally disgusted with how a few misguided men can work so hard to turn the clock back to medieval times of Lords and Surfs.

The current messes the Obamanistas have made of things can and will be corrected when the new congress takes over in January 2011. If not then in 2013 when the entire elected cabal in Washington are ousted from office. The American people do not take kindly to losing their constitutional rights or their right to pray to the God of their choice, to honor the flag and not be required to eat three vegetables and three fruits a day by an intrusive bureaucrat. America is not a perfect society and that’s its blessing, normal is normally acceptable enough for most Americans.

This 4th of July more than any since 1776 is a precursor to taking back our country from an overzealous over reaching presidential administration and congress. Let’s all enjoy this day to its fullest.


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