New Best Amigos

By: Patti Bankson

In today’s politically upside down culture, expecting people to respect our borders and obey our laws, or not wanting to provide foreign lawbreakers with free medical care, food, shelter and up to 12+ years of education makes one “out of the (so-called) mainstream”, not to mention, “cold, uncompassionate and racist”. Some think immigrants should be “embraced” regardless of their legal status. They think we need a legalization program for undocumented immigrants. We already have one, but it requires people to ask, “Mother, May I”, get in line, wait their turn, then enter. And, He-llo! They’re not undocumented, they’re illegal. If they aren’t, why do they need to be legalized??

The shameful thing is that while the “touchy-feelies” are all worked up about “embracing” citizens of other countries, here illegally, many legal U.S. citizens are left to deal with a mess they didn’t invite, are paying a huge price for “the privilege”, and getting few embraces for their troubles.

Tracy Nethercutt used to own a 100 acre ranch in Texas; it now belongs to two illegal immigrants from El Salvador who said he assaulted them while they were trespassing on his property. Even though he was acquitted of the assault charges, he lost his property to them in a subsequent civil suit. In Arizona, (illegal) immigrants trespassed on Roger Barnett’s land, stole some of his belongings, slaughtered his livestock, and left enough trash to make the place look like a mini-dump, but they weren’t in trouble – he was! He was sued for $45 million for assault and false imprisonment because he caught and held them until Border Patrol agents (whom he called) arrived. Here’s the best part: he was sued by, Ta-dah!… the Mexican government! That’s right!! Some Mexican attorneys, working with the Mexican Consulate, sued American landowners on behalf of illegal immigrants. One attorney said, “If someone is injuring our country in any way, we have a duty to react to that injury.” (Wow! that must be some kind of foreign thing, or something, because in the U.S. the bad guys are the American landowners and others who don’t support supporting the illegals!) Another attorney said, “They (the landowners) can shoot them, they can kill them, they can rape them, they can do anything they want to because somehow they’re sub-human…They’re not – we’re Mexicans.” He’s right… they’re not sub-human, but they are law-breakers, entitled to nothing more than a one-way ticket back home. American landowners aren’t sub-human either. They don’t just sit in their back yards waiting for people to cross the border to use for target practice. They simply want to do what they have the right to do…protect themselves and their property.

It’s okay for people to want a better life for themselves and their families. What’s not okay is that, somehow, providing that better life has become our country’s responsibility. It’s not okay for the Mexican government to provide its citizens with maps and directions to get here, instead of providing them with the opportunity for a better life there. And it’s s-u-u-per not okay for Felipe Calderone to “give us permission” to protect our border, while “forbidding” us to arrest Mexicans trying to cross that same border. And, where’s our president while Calderone’s saying that… garbage? Oh, just standing quietly by, supporting his new, best amigo.

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