Obama’s New D S A [Divided States of America]

By: Ken Hughes

It’s déjà-vu all over again. I recall when the Kennedy brothers John and Robert were president and they purposed all sorts of legislation to finish what Lincoln had started with the abolition of slavery. They were shot down by their own Democratic Party whose argument was the nation was not ready for blacks to be given equal rights. It was President Lyndon Johnson a southerner who with the support of Republicans in congress and Martin Luther King’s persistence was able to get the civil rights act of 1964 made the law of the land. That was the reason the south flipped from a century of Democratic allegiance to the Republican Party. Lyndon Johnson used the death of John Kennedy to bring civil rights to America. Today Barack Obama is trying to do what George Bush was repeatedly accused of trying to do, divide and conquer the soles of the American people. Barack Obama and his tribe of liberal mercenaries don’t seem to see Americans in the same light the founding father did. It seems to Obama and his henchmen the people are subjects not citizens with certain God given rights.

It’s nearly impossible to follow the logic of the Obama’s. Michelle Obama wants to improve the future by changing history. We saw an example of changing history this week with the accolades piled on Senator Robert Byrd. Robert Byrd was a segregationist who filibustered the civil rights bill of 1964. Byrd admittedly was a grand puba of a chapter of the KKK. He enlisted over 100 new members none of which were mentioned at any of his memorials.

Attorney General Eric Holder it seems can’t find enough cause to prosecute Black Panther thugs even when their crimes are on tape. Several White Supremacists are sitting in a Michigan Jail awaiting trial for the same acts the Black Panthers committed, this is not justice its reverse racism on the part of the Obama administration. Now that same Black Panther leader made threats publicly on MSNBC against Glenn Beck, where’s the justice department Mr. Attorney General? Barack Obama repeatedly proves he is only a man of some of the people not all of the people.

Air Force One seems to be Barack Obama’s Oval Office these days, when George Bush thought about taking a trip the media insisted the Treasury Department send him a bill before the plane’s engines were warmed up. How much air fare has Obama paid for his date nights around the world with Michelle? The double standard the media shows between conservatives and liberals would be embarrassing if the media were capable of embarrassment. There seems to be a total disconnect between the media and reality. Benjamin Franklin was foremost a journalist who understood the necessity for news to be free of political influences in order the truth be told. That message seems to have gotten lost some were between 1776 and today. When Obama’s travels to make his speeches the Media’s coverage is shaped to give the impression he’s communicating with the people. Standing before twin Teleprompters reading prepared text isn’t communication it’s lecturing and after sixteen months the people have had enough lecturing and false promises now they’re looking for facts.

The founding fathers believed this nation’s creation was in part divinely inspired. There are those [myself included] who truly believe that same divine inspiration is still with us today and all the days to come, God never abandons his / her greatest creations. In nearly 80 years I can’t count the times I’ve seen this country with one foot over the obis only to see it pulled back and correct what put it there. I grew from infancy to adulthood during the great depression and World War II my wise old grandfather would calm my fears by assuring me things had been worse in the past and would get better in the future if we kept the faith.

I had lunch today with a friend who grew up in Berlin Germany in World War Two. We were discussing how Hitler came to power and concluded it was because Germany had no constitution to protect its people. Appointed German officials were able to make decisions without the consent of the people. This pattern is beginning to become pervasive in the Obama administration. Its time congress put a stop to Obama appointing czars without congressional oversight, isn’t that why we have 535 congress persons in addition to a president to protect us from one man rule? It’s time for congress to go back and review the first seven articles of the constitution that specifically set the rules government officials must follow. The first seven articles of the constitution do not grant rights to the people but rather prohibit the government from infringing on individuals rights the following twenty-seven amendments are what grant rights to the people.

Throughout history those countries that lost their freedom to dictators didn’t have a constitution that included the people in the governing process. More than anything the American people’s faith in the constitution has been their protection from overzealous politicians. There are other safeguards such as an all volunteer military that would be nearly impossible to corrupt. And there are those willing to stand up to the demands of a president and congress when they go too far astray in their mandates such as the states of Arizona and Louisiana. These states have challenged the Obama administration on constitutional grounds. These are two governors who are sending a message to all other states who are feeling the pinch of Obama’s failed policies.

If the four boarder states would join together they could back the Obama administration down on the issue of closing the boarder. One of the reasons they won’t join together is two of those states have governors with dual citizenship, Bill Richardson is an anchor baby and transplanted Mexican citizen, Arnold Swartzenager is a duel citizen of Austria and the US. Neither governor wants to piss off immigrants from any country. Barack Obama wants 20 million new citizens that will be qualified to vote Democratic in 2012. If he can get his amnesty program through congress after the midterm elections he thinks he will have secured his reelection. What Obama hasn’t taken into consideration is all the harm he’s done to the country his first year and a half in office is going to be his kiss of death as far as his being reelected. The reason Obama isn’t aware of the public’s discontent is he has the attention span of a cockroach and no one close to him will explain how the real world works.

Obama was sold to the voters as a man to smart to fail, but fail he has repeatedly. Let us pray wise citizens the Tea Party and Sarah Palins Grizzly Moms can prevent the 2010 elections from being a repeat of 2008.

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