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I am sad to report that a true American hero and fighter for our cause has passed. After a brave battle with pancreatic and liver cancer, talk show host and immigration enforcement activist Terry Anderson passed away this past week.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Terry’s family and close friends. We are so thankful for Terry Anderson’s sacrifices and contributions to our fight to secure America’s borders and regain adequate enforcement of our existing immigration laws.

For those of you who did not know Terry Anderson, he was also called ‘The Prisoner of South Central’. His radio show aired on Sunday nights for an hour on KRLA radio out of Los Angeles. The show was carried on 30 stations across America and Terry had a huge online listenership that either tuned in live each week or caught his podcasts.

Terry Anderson was renowned for starting off his show with the comments “Stupid people of America! If you ain’t mad, you ain’t paying attention!”

Now, there are many great talk radio heroes in our nation who are truly loyal to their listeners and the American public on immigration issues, but Terry Anderson was truly one of the greats! Terry Anderson was larger than life and he put his great talents and energies into saving America.

To his friends and allies he was good humored and warmhearted caring man with a deep concern for his fellow countrymen. To his enemies, in the ranks of the illegal aliens conducting their invasion of America, he was a powerful voice to be feared. They feared Terry Anderson because he spoke the truth and his voice echoed throughout the nation.

Even now, the illegal alien Amnesty supporters are trying to spread their filth about over Terry Anderson’s name. One illegal immigration supporter named Daryl Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project is crowing on his website “Terry Anderson Rot In Hell!” Just another fine example of how low and disgusting these activists supporting the illegals are. Of course the Southern Poverty Lie Center and ADL aka The Defamation League will be along soon to do their best to place their own demonic eulogies over Terry Anderson’s good name.

Terry Anderson’s radio show did not just feature illegal immigration as an issue, the show was all about illegal immigration. Terry’s show was created to fight against illegal immigration. Terry Anderson warned the nation about what was happening in South Central Los Angeles as the illegal alien invaders displaced poor Americans in the area turning parts of LA into a 3rd world slum barrio with chickens and goat running around in the streets!

Terry Anderson was a very brave black man who educated America about the negative impacts of illegal immigration on the black community and he fearlessly spoke out and stood up in the face of the illegals on their home turf. Anderson was fearless and his trust was in God.

If anyone invited Terry Anderson to come and speak out about illegal immigration, he would be there, if he could afford to get there.

When ALIPAC was launched in 2004 and 2005, Terry Anderson’s show as the first talk radio show I appeared on to discuss the organization Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. I remember that I was moving and I had to return to a small apartment I was moving out of that still had my ALIPAC phone lines in it. Since Terry’s show started at 9pm Pacific time, there I was at Midnight on the East Coast waiting to go on the air with this wild man I’d only recently learned of.

Over the past five years, it was my great honor to be on Terry Anderson’s show over ten times. I got to work with him in person during Unite To Fight 1 & 2, conducted by radio show host Mark Edwards in Las Vegas back in 2005 and 2006. I also worked with Terry in Washington, DC during Hold Their Feet To The Fire in 2007.

After our interview I caught Terry leaving radio row and I told him that what he was saying on the air was great stuff and right on the money. Terry told me that he felt the same way about my messages and he told me that many of the other leaders in the movement were listening to my presentations and that I was influencing the movement and the issue nationally now.

That really meant a lot to me for Terry to tell me that. While Terry and I would talk on the phone from time to time, outside of radio show broadcasts and hectic rallies and events, we had little time to chit chat or shoot the breeze, but I will always remember how encouraging Terry Anderson was. I believe Terry Anderson encouraged and inspired countless Americans over the last five years.

I hope those who have copies and podcasts of all of Terry Anderson’s shows will place them in a prominent place on the web. I hope that another great patriot will step forward to take over Terry Anderson’s show immediately, pick up his torch and run forward in his absence. ALIPAC will be happy to donate to help preserve Terry’s podcasts and to continue his show.

I’ve collected some videos below that have me working with Terry Anderson and some of his speeches that are online.

I hope that my friends Dr. Madeline Cosman and George Putnam are greeting Terry Anderson at the gates of heaven today. Madeline and George both fought hard for our cause and have passed in the last few years as well.

They say that history is written by winners, and win we must so that future generations will learn of the historic contributions Terry Anderson made in the battle to save and preserve America! Should our cause fail, the victors will smear all of us who spoke out and fought back and will do their best to persecute our children and grandchildren with our legacies as a warning to any others who might speak out against their power.

Terry Anderson, I will miss you my friend and I want your family to know how much real Americans appreciate all that you have done for our nation. You cannot speak anymore Terry, but I will always speak out for you.

I hope that others who knew Terry Anderson, or listened to his show, or that have watched his speeches will consider making a comment on the ALIPAC website at this link…


By commenting at ALIPAC.us we can create an online memorial to Terry Anderson celebrating his work fighting against illegal immigration.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC will touch up, print up, and then deliver your comments to Terry’s kin folks.

When people search online for information about Terry Anderson, let them find your comments about him standing high on the Internet through ALIPAC.


William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

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