Racist! Racist! Everyone is Racist!

By: Craig Chamberlain

Racist. It’s a word thrown around so frequently, and casually, these days that the word has lost all real meaning. The word has been so devalued that its a wonder that people are still afraid of being stuck with that label, after all according to the NAACP, and other leftist groups, everyone is racist. Just like I’m not shocked when some punk kid drops a bunch of F bombs in public, I’m not surprised, or worried, when so called civil rights groups, in a spasm of rage and paranoia, flail about wildly and accuse everyone in sight of being a racist. It’s enough to make the mature and civilized sigh wearily and say “fine I’m a racist. Now can you let me get on with my life?”

Of course that’s not going to happen. The NAACP was, once upon a time, a serious civil rights organization. But, it has largely been a victim of its own success, and that’ a good thing. No one is worried about lynch mobs forming in the dead of night to attack, and kill, innocent people. Klan membership, which in the early part of the 1900′s was about one million, is now only a few thousand(the Klan will never go away because there will always be just enough idiots to keep that terrorist organization alive) Segregation which was the De Jure, and De Facto, law of the land. There were poll taxes to keep blacks from voting. All of these problems have been solved. We go out of our way to integrate our schools, no businessman would even think of putting a “whites only” sign up.

With all of these demons slain, the NAACP needed new demons to fight. When they couldn’t find any they simply invented them. So they came up with the story(story is the right word, because it’s all fiction) that America is an inherently racist nation. And any failings on the part of the black community to achieve success are not their fault, but the fault of a massive and ever-growing racist conspiracy designed to keep minorities in their place.

It’s a soothing narrative. No one likes to admit that their problems are of their own making, it’s much more satisfying and easier to blame someone else. The NAACP doesn’t have any proof to back up their claims, but they don’t need it. The black community happily believes them because it absolves them from facing up to the realities that confront their community. Much like the Arab world sees anti semitic conspiracies resulting in their poverty and cultural irrelevancy, black americans are convinced that they are the victims of invisible racists.

If the NAACP were actually interested in the advancement of colored people they would focus on real issues, and not the tea party. They would talk about the astronomical rates of illegitimacy, the high levels of incarceration, the fact that most black victims of crimes are the victims of other blacks. The ostracizing of blacks who seek to excel academically as “acting white” and the glorification of violence that pervades black culture.

Instead of dealing with real problems they instead stick to the DNC approved narrative. Without a scintilla of evidence they accuse millions of Americans of being motivated by racial bigotry. The word of professional race hustlers is taken over empirical evidence that not one racist sign can be found at a tea party rally. Not one tea party member has ever been caught on camera chanting racist slogans. The tea party, despite the unhinged accusations of the left, does not have ties to the American Nazi Party. The idea is so ridiculous that it’s almost a comedy act. The tea party is about limited government and fiscal responsibility. The Nazi’s (the dozen or so that are in this country) are about establishing a totalitarian state. It’s like accusing the Chamber of Commerce of allying itself with the American Communist Party. It makes no sense, but then the left doesn’t have to. When you control the narrative you don’t have to worry too much about fact checking.

If the NAACP wants to confront violators of civil rights why not denounce the New Black Panther Party? We’ve devalued racism to such a point that simply holding political views that the left views as heterodox makes you a racist. All the sudden it’s racist to believe that the federal government shouldn’t spend so much? It’s racist to believe that the state shouldn’t run healthcare? How are such opinions motivated by race?

The NAACP cares about money and politics. If they cared about racism, why not denounce the racism minorities within the tea party have faced from leftist goons? Instead the NAACP calls them uncle Tom’s. Instead they denounce people only motivated by love of country as being the representatives of an inherently racist country. A country that is apparently so racist that we’ve elected a black president. When the biggest examples of racism that the NAACP can find are political opposition to a black president then it’s pretty safe to conclude that racism isn’t as prevalent as they would have us believe, and that the NAACP is beyond irrelevant to the point of being worthless.

It’s time they quit acting as the loyal terriers of the Democratic party, and address real civil rights issues.

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