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July 20, 2010

Black Shares 5 Eyewitness Examples Proving Tea Parties Not Racist.

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I’m black tea party patriot Lloyd Marcus. I have attended over 200 tea parties nationwide as a spokesperson and performing my “American Tea Party Anthem” on the Tea Party Express.

John McCain using Deakin as a Willing Spoiler against JD Hayworth

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US Senator John McCain’s campaign is actively working to support the candidacy of a marginal candidate named Jim Deakin who is willingly playing the role of a campaign spoiler to ward off a serious primary challenge from J.D. Hayworth.

Obama And The Uncle Toms

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I’m sure my comments will be interpreted as racist by some. The fact is they are anything but this is an unpolished journey into today’s truths regarding black / white relations! Blacks shouldn’t be allowed to get away with derogatory …

Racism Redefined by the Orwellian Newspeakers

We’ve had Newspeakers even before Orwell put a name on it. But it seems to have worsened recently.

Clinton decided to call government spending “investment.” As if that makes it less of an expense! Democrats now call it …