John McCain using Deakin as a Willing Spoiler against JD Hayworth


US Senator John McCain’s campaign is actively working to support the candidacy of a marginal candidate named Jim Deakin who is willingly playing the role of a campaign spoiler to ward off a serious primary challenge from J.D. Hayworth.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC’s polite and respectful request for Mr. Deakin to step aside, accompanied by polite requests from hundreds of concerned citizens, was answered this morning with a highly negative and fictitious campaign attack from Jim Deakin, which was amazingly similar to John McCain’s tactics and press releases.

“When I read Deakin’s response and how negative and nasty it was, and how many false accusations were contained in it, I realized that his message was amazingly similar to the press releases we’ve seen from John McCain’s campaign over the last few months,” said William Gheen. “We politely asked Deakin to honorably step aside, knowing that we could determine if he was a spoiler, or a legitimate candidate based on how he responded to that voter concern. Deakin’s response tells us he is McCain’s spoiler and he knows it. We will treat him as such from this point forward.”

Deakin’s issues are all designed to mirror J.D. Hayworth’s campaign, yet Deakin attacks Hayworth, instead of McCain and responds with the same false negativity the overly defensive McCain camp uses. Deakin is not a legitimate candidate, he’s a spoiler for McCain and he knows it.

No candidate in the history of U.S. elections has risen from Deakin’s current position polling in the single digits, five weeks before election day, yet Deakin continues to pretend he is a legitimate candidate.

John McCain’s campaign recently insisted that Jim Deakin be included in public debate that aired last night, as a requirement for McCain’s participation. This indicates that John McCain is aware that Deakin is assisting his bid to return to Washington for a new term. This also indicates that Mr. Deakin is quite aware of his value to the John McCain campaign, yet he continues to willingly play the role of spoiler.

“We wanted to give Mr. Deakin the benefit of the doubt just in case he was an honest man caught in a tough situation,” said William Gheen. “We now know that Deakin is a spoiler, or a walking talking dirty campaign trick in motion, and he knows it. We will treat him as such moving forward as we ask Arizona voters to reject John McCain and Jim Deakin and reject the dirty politics as usual coming out of DC.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC opposes John McCain because John McCain has been the lead Republican voice in America advocating a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty that would turn millions of illegal aliens into voters thus destroying the United States as we know it.

John McCain flip flopped on the issue during the Republican primary for President in 2008, but after promising voters he’d be tough on illegal immigration, McCain returned to his pro-amnesty stance quickly after winning the primary.

“Now John McCain is lying to America again and pretending to be all for securing borders that would be quickly erased, if the McCain, Kennedy, Obama Amnesty plan ever passes,” said William Gheen. “McCain and his allies are using every dirty campaign trick in the book, including using Deakin as a spoiler to try to stop J.D. Hayworth. Arizonans must realize that if they return McCain to Washington, by voting for him or Deakin, they could end up with tens of thousands of illegals voting in the next round.”


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See yesterday’s release and polite request for marginal candidate Deakin to step aside and comments from across America asking him the same at….

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