Obama And The Uncle Toms

By: Ken Hughes

I’m sure my comments will be interpreted as racist by some. The fact is they are anything but this is an unpolished journey into today’s truths regarding black / white relations! Blacks shouldn’t be allowed to get away with derogatory statements anymore than whites. It’s obvious racism is color blind.

Obama has gathered a group of political hacks around him that would make the original Mayor Daley of Chicago proud. In previous times these men and women would be referred to as “Uncle Tom” whose jobs would be to do the masters bidding. Not much has changed except the color of the master, now black brothers are larding it over white crackers. This is the opinion of the leadership of the New Black Panthers and no less than Michelle Obama in her recent speech to the NAACP. The Obamanistas are obviously out to divide America along the lines of pre-civil war times with the white crackers in the fields and the kitchens and the black brothers on horseback wilding the whip. I say this with no trepidation, after hearing Camp Obama’s outright attack on Conservatives and Tea Party persons with undocumented claims of racism it seems blacks are the real racists after all. We’ve seen racism before and now it’s coming from you and your Ilk Mr. President. How long will it be before your Black Panther brother’s start hanging white crackers from the old oak tree?

Barack Obama is an opportunity missed by the African American community he could have been a contender. Obama has yet to address the real problems with minority’s failure to simulate into mainstream society. Blaming white crackers isn’t cutting it any longer the old guilt trip doesn’t work in these economic times. Not Obama or any of the leaders of the black community are holding their minority followers feet to the fire demanding some accountability on their part to assimilate into mainstream America rather than accepting it bounties and to continually complain about being short changed. Minorities must carry some of the responsibility for conditions in their communities, in their schools and especially in their personal habits there should be a line between cultural differences and bad behavior. The lack of personal pride comes from years of dependency on government hand outs. For the first one hundred year after the civil war there was segregation, for the last fifty years there’s been subrogation deliberately presented as humanitarian reparations. Either way blacks have not been accepted as equals by this or any past governments instead they’re being played like a fine violin. This is a ploy that’s been used by the Democratic Party for the past half century in order to control the votes of an uninformed understandably unmotivated community.

White people look at that portion of the black community content to exist on government hand outs and wonder why? Whites look at the high school dropout rates among blacks and wonder why. Whites look at the teen age pregnancy rate among blacks and wonder why. Whites see prisons filled with a majority of black inmates and wonder why. Stop wondering it was your white ancestors who created this situation. The civil war didn’t end slavery it ended indentured servitude. Slavery carried on for another one hundred years masked in benevolence toward blacks. A white community could look at and justify their position as long as blacks were kept out of the political mix. Blacks were slowly integrated into the white man’s world but nowhere near the rate they were expanding at. The excuse was blacks were slow learners it was never considered the white man may be a slower teacher.

As we look back in history was slavery the abomination as it’s represented in today’s society or is today’s interpretation a crutch for those willing to benefit from the endeavors of others. Slavery’s been around since the beginning of mankind and is still practiced today in many of the African countries Americas slaves came from. The largest practitioners of slavery today are the majority of devout Muslims. A fact this government under the rules of the Obamanistas tries to prohibit from being exposed. The Obamanistas are very much pro-black, pro-Islam and anti-White at least that’s the way many see it.

As we look back at the history of America and try to asses it’s failures I must question why? Why is the Obama administration so intent of taking America back to the past when there’s so much in the future to be accomplished? All the Obama’s can do is rewrite the history of America they can’t change it. What would the public’s reaction be if someone submitted a bill to congress demanding all blacks be asses a charge / tax for every soldier killed in the civil war? What if whites demanded blacks pay for all the costs incurred in fighting the civil war, after all they were the beneficiaries. What do you think would black’s demands for reparations be, they would sink slowly into the sunset?

Statically there are forty million Black Americans at best there are only about five to seven million of those who are hard corp. welfare recipients, [aka] underprivileged. Unfortunately they attract ninety percent of the attention formulating a general opinion by many whites all blacks are on the government’s payroll. Over the years both political parties have portrayed blacks as illiterate parasites an image the black community hasn’t done much to correct. Blacks continue to fall back into “Poor Black Me” as an excuse. The fact is most blacks have fallen through the welfare cracks into mainstream society, only a small vocal percentage are left to fan the flames of racism giving an entire population a bad image.

Discrimination and racism are not confined to the black community every ethnic group that’s ever come to this country had a problem in the beginning from Catholics, Irish, Italians, Polish, Jews, Hispanics. Orientals and Muslims. If we go back to each of those countries / regions our immigrant ancestors came from we find discrimination just as blatant today as it was in America in years past. Discrimination and racism are negatives and mans first inclinations before reason takes hold.

What conclusions can we draw from one hundred fifty years of racial bias is it earned or is it just discrimination? I tend to think it’s both earned and administered. If the leaders of the black community had done more to inspire their people and less to victimize them maybe they would be more in step with what they think White America is like. If whites had paid more attention to the humanitarian aspects of racism and less to the politics things may have been better all around. What we do know is blacks aren’t lifting their share of the weight when it comes to getting along in the mainstream of America. For the past fifty years billions of dollars and thousands of hours, words and deeds have been poured into the black community with surprisingly little success. It’s as though the black community wants the statuesque to continue forever.

It’s time for the truth to come out its time to stop playacting a group who are perfectly capable of managing without special considerations. It’s time the black community manned up and became proud Americans. [I have the greatest respect for the majority of those proud blacks Americans who’ve already manned up. It’s the welfare people I’m talking about]


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