I Had A Dream

By: Ken Hughes

I dreamt I was walking down the street in Washington DC behind the Congressional office buildings. There in trash containers were all the documents that made this country great. The Declaration of Independence, the constitution, the bill of rights, the federalist papers, the anti-federalist papers and Dr, Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream” there were many more but those stood out. It seems the 111th congress is cleaning house before the November 2010 elections roll around. I dreamt the street was lined with trash cans filled with important historical documents All of a sudden I woke with a start, I heard a noise at my door. I thought it was the feds coming to arrest me for interfering with government garbage. It was only my little Chihuahua puppy, Paco scratching on the door. He had an Arizona Sucks sign on him and he wanted to get out to prove his Hispanic heritage by joining La Rasa Tejanos protesting.

The US / Mexican border is a war zone and the Tejanos [Americans of Hispanic decent] Want an open boarder policy with no restrictions on who comes into the country as if being an American applies to anyone from either continent. It’s too bad these young protesters weren’t around when Americans were settling Texas at the invitation of the Mexican government who needed a buffer between them and American Indians. A few of the requirements of the Mexican government had were to renounce their American citizenship and become Mexican citizens, renounce their religion and become Catholic and swear allegiance to King Maximilian I of Mexico [who by the way was Austrian] and of course there were the Mexican taxes to be paid. Now the descendents of the Mexicans who accepted 11 million dollars for territory they couldn’t protect from the Indians are saying the South West and Southern California was stolen from their ancestors. La Rasa is suggesting the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo be ignored as if it were never signed. The citizens of the south west earned every acre / hector of that land they bought with blood sweat and cash they’re entitled to keep it.

It was General Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón who attacked the city of San Antonio and the Alamo starting the conflict. It was the Texans under the command of General Sam Huston who ended it at San Jacinto near Galveston Bay. A few years later Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and about half of California became part of the United States. To paraphrase an old adage “We stole it fair and square it’s all ours”. These Tejanos protesting American policy is like the dog that bites the hand that feed it. Their parents and grandparents crossed the border and worked long hours at back breaking labor so their children and grandchildren could go to the best university’s and become professional in everything except an appreciation for what those before them sacrificed to make then citizens of the greatest country on earth. This is an attitude that isn’t indigenous to Hispanics it applies to nearly every immigrant group who settled in America including Blacks. The younger generations seldom appreciate or understand the sacrifices made by their forefathers that put them in the comfortable position they’re in today.

Many of us can’t understand why so many of our people don’t get it. Crossing into the United States illegally is breaking the law. What that teaches a large segment of our society is if you’re Hispanic you’re a minority and minorities in America are exempt from obeying this countries law. No one is suggesting twenty million illegals be sent back to their countries. What the public’s calling for is securing the boarder so twenty million more won’t come flooding across the border. We know what the Obama administrations intentions are that’s to have twenty million more legal citizens who will vote Democrat in 2012 assuring Obama a second term as president. That isn’t likely to happen when the new congress takes over in January 2011 boarder security will become a number one priority. Ignoring the problem will no longer be an option for the administration, either they’ll get serious or the house and senate will walk all over them. You can bet the 112th congress is going to pay a lot more attention to the public’s wants and needs than the 111th congress has.

Many years ago there was a guest worker program that allowed Mexican Nationals to come to the U S and work in the harvests. As the need for workers in other fields began to make demands the Hispanics moved up as employment opportunities became available. It didn’t take long for Hispanics to dominate manual labor in many areas. The old adage “find a need and fill it” became the message that’s sent back across the border. The government turns a blind eye and the mass migrating occurs. The immigrants are not just farm laborers as they see it they are part of mainstream America. The Fuzzy Wuzzy people who assume the responsibility for keeping all things fair for those they deem underprivileged verified the rights of the illegals to all the perks available to everyone else. A false sense of compassion takes president over the legalities of the situation while the public looked the other way.

The drug war in Mexico makes the migration of Hispanics about survival. The drug wars in the Mexican border states have gotten so out of control the drug cartels are running Northern Mexico. What was once a pleasant shopping experience in one of the Mexican border towns has become a risk to your life should the unsuspecting person cross over. Failed government policies of both boarder countries are creating an untenable situation that if not addressed in a reasonable manor will create chaos in both countries. If it takes a second Berlin Wall from Brownsville Texas to Tijuana Mexico so be it. The protection of the American people and their property is more impotent than all the so called political correctness the Fuzzy Wuzzy people can come up with. Homeland Security has no problem stripe searching a white infant at an air port but they have a real problem if Arizona law enforcement officers ask someone with brown skin they just witnessed breaking the law for identification.

If the Fuzzy Wuzzy people want equality I say profile everyone for everything everywhere. Leave no stone unturned. If it means a more secure America I’m all for making political correctness a federal crime.

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