Repeal it All

By: Craig Chamberlain

The GOP finds itself in an advantageous situation for the upcoming elections in November. An anti incumbent sentiment, and increasingly unpopular President, and anger at the Democratic agenda. These things would normally be a good sign for the minority party, but if any party was born to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory it’s the GOP. Still given the unpopularity of the Democratic party, even among its own partisans, the GOP still has a competitive advantage and could find themselves in command of at least one chamber of Congress come November.

Not a moment too soon. The Obama Presidency, not even halfway through its first term, has set this country on the road to political, military, and economic ruin. But that was the goal of the socialists all along. Step 1) wreck everything. Step 2) Proclaim a crisis demanding state intervention. Step 3) Create massive new government programs to increase the power of the state, and weaken the rights of the individual.

What, then, should the GOP do in the face of this campaign and the possibility of being in the majority next year? Right now the conservatives in Congress do not have the numbers to stop the socialists, let alone impose their own agenda. If that changes with the upcoming election the GOP must be clear in how it intends to govern, America cannot afford to replace socialist with socialist-lite.

So here’s a simple platform that the GOP should put forward to retake control of Congress. Here it is: Repeal it all. Nothing that President Obama has done has helped to alleviate the problems our country has faced. If anything his rampant statism has made it worse.

What would have been a mild economic downturn now threatens to become a depression. An unfortunate, but unheard of, drilling accident has been the causus belli President Obama wanted to ban deep water drilling. For the chaos on the southern border were told that amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants is the only solution.

The GOP cannot be the party of tepid reform. There are no good points of President Obama’s agenda worth preserving anyway. The Republican party must promise that, if elected, they will work to erase every vestige of the Obama agenda until they are successful in doing so. Yes, Obama will veto any and all attempts to erase his agenda, but we cannot allow that to be a deterrent. Trying to repeal might not be successful, but it will be worthwhile. It will show the American people which party stands for individual freedom, and economic growth.

The Republicans should start with Obamacare, the obnoxious leviathan that a majority of Americans were opposed to. There was no demand for government run health care, and all empirical evidence shows that it doesn’t work. High costs, lack of choice, rationing, and “death panels” are the norm and America will not escape that situation. Obamacare must be repealed.

Next should be the Dodd/ Frank bill. Two men who know nothing about the free market decided that they could run the financial institutions of this country from D.C. Call it soft nationalization. While banks, and other financial institutions, are not owned by Washington they are so regulated that they might as well be. Despite the lies of the administration it was too much regulation that caused the financial crisis. Adding government regulation, on top of government regulation is liking amputating a limb, when a band aid would do just fine. Stagnation is now the inevitable result. The Dodd/ Frank bill must be repealed.

Repeal the stimulus. Much ink has been spilled debating the pluses, and minuses, of the stimulus bill. The socialists of the administration insist that the stimulus kept things from getting worse. Of course the unemployment rate has gone up since the stimulus bill passed.(You’ll remember the administration warned of 8% unemployment without the stimulus. We hover around 10%) The only jobs added were government jobs, and most of those were census jobs. Something is “shovel ready” all right. It’s 787 billion dollars flushed down the drain. The stimulus should be repealed and the the money used to pay off the debt, it would cut out about half of the deficit.

The GOP must make it clear what’s at stake. If Democratic control is not taken away we will see the stampede towards socialism go unabated. Our economic situation will continue to worsen, and our constitutional rights usurped by a federal leviathan. To that threat, there is only one option. Repeal it all.

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