The NAACP Dinosaur

By: William P. Frasca

Ronald Reagan one of our greatest Republican United States Presidents said this classic line, “There you go again”, to both of his opposing Democratic presidential candidates, at their debates’, the first was Jimmy Carter and four years later with Walter Mondale.

Now we have basically the same repetitious description mirroring this quote, except it’s not referring to a particular candidate, but to an established American institution which was originally erected to stand up for honesty, integrity, decency, equality, justice and the law. This organization is identified as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, better known as the NAACP.

The NAACP, originally formed mostly by a coalition of liberal whites, with a few oppressed blacks is our Nations oldest and most recognized untouchable advocates for civil rights, in fact the groups first President was Moorfield Storey, a white attorney from Boston. Their primary goal was to eliminate racial prejudice and to offer a guarantee to all minority citizens of United States, political, educational, social and economic equality. They achieved this goal over the years by legally scrutinizing all public and private sectors of the government and businesses, as a watch dog, observing all civil rights rules, regulations and requirements that were enacted are followed according to the law. They were a very influential group in breaking down barriers associated with all racial discrimination using all legitimate non-violent tools at their disposal.

That was the past; today they are rapidly losing their credibility in which they once held as an elite status with America and the American people. Somewhere along the line they lost their veracity and traded it in for a totally obvious form of unexplained gibberish, consisting constantly of displaying guilt to a society that is intelligently wise to their entire bag of manipulating tricks and unsympathetic to their meaningless forms of physiological intimidations.

The election of our President Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One” destroyed any indication or notion that America is a so called racist Country.

Most of their leadership and members would lose whatever civility and prestige they have left to defend any and all unorthodox, bias behavior and accusations of guilt, criticisms, demeanor that are found legally against them by reversing it into a shameful display of prejudice. This is rapidly growing into a complete and total bore. The point is no man or institution is an island. Unfortunately for their leadership initiating negative referendums and motions that have absolutely no bearing on improving advancement, equalization or harmony are hindering their eye on the prize. Most of their resolutions are so dubiously persuaded into acceptance and approval that it makes the United States Senate and Congress seem civilized.

Shadow boxing with false accusations and phantom opponents just to preserve and secure individuals with fairy tale tendencies by endorsing fabricated insults and aggressions show their despicable behavior towards sincerity, honesty, and reliability. Maybe they should read the Ten Commandments consecrating on Commandment number nine, “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor”.

This regrettable negative change compounded the progressive expansion of glorifying their political agenda, and strengthening their muscles as a strong arm for the Democratic Party and our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, by attempting to motivate the black vote in this upcoming November General Election. They unconscionably sacrificed their noble ideologies that helped and brought justice too so many oppressed individuals over the years.

Now they approved a resolution against the Tea Party stating that they are racist, even though their membership consists of all races, and accusing them without any proofs or evidences. The resolution also said, “that elements of the conservative movement are driving to push the nation back to the pre-civil rights era” They actually wasted so much of their precious time at their 101st National convention in Kansas City condemning and discussing the Tea Party, together with the Conservative movement, stressing that they sanction and endorse extreme racist behavior, instead of consecrating on the economy, education and the high unemployment in the black community. There also was no mention of condemning the despicable acts of the New Black Panther Party, why, one guess?

This was definitely, an unreasonably accusation by unjustly identifying themselves as Judge, Jury, and Executioner towards each and every member of this American movement. What gives them the right, authority or privileged in using their status so recklessly as to illegitimately attempt to evaluate any groups’ intentions, especially when it holds no legal substance or proof? They are committing the same sacrilegious malicious acts, which were used against them, before their conception, which is mob rule, and automatically found guilty with no defense. Two wrongs or let’s say, reverse discrimination doesn’t make it right.

This was without a doubt an empty task in fertility, because there was absolutely no proof, except for some accusations from representatives of the Democratic Party, who absolutely proven to have no ethics or self respect. The same political party, that presently controls the Presidency, The Senate, and all Congressional powers, indirectly uses the NAACP, with full endorsement from their leadership, as an extended shill and mouth piece for their Socialist Liberal Marxist programs and policies.

Unfortunately the new creed established by them is an outrage and a betrayal to all those who gave their blood, sweat, and tears to this organization throughout the years. They immediately use the race card when their policies, procedures and tactics are reasonably objected by anyone who is not black. They especially go upon and beyond, to the point of being obviously and selectively bias in protecting at all lengths, right or wrong, our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and the Democratic Party. Anyone who oppose them are immediately branded as a racist with prejudicial tendencies and anyone black, who dares to have the courage to question, protest, or contradict, by using their freedoms of choice and individuality are unreasonably humiliated, insulted and labeled as an “Uncle Tom” or even worse.

Facts are the Tea Party is not only gaining outstanding support and momentum while increasing membership, but it’s also escalating their power and influence, as proof from these past Primary Elections held in numerous States. Their Candidates of choice ended up being victorious. They ultimately fear them, for what they stand for, and against such as increasing the size of Government, limiting and decreasing God given rights and freedoms, undermining the United States Constitution, high taxes, and an honest government of, by and for the people. These principles obviously don’t see eye to eye with the Socialist Liberal Marxist Democratic Party and the NAACP, who basically see them as a threat to their power and the Progressive movement.

They are following a pattern. Like so many other diminishing organizations, felt that they needed an angle or a scam to rescue them from the bowels of oblivion. So they use the most obvious hurtful weapons at their disposal, which are race, discrimination and prejudice, establishing an elaborate dialog of maliciously spiteful, ridiculous and outlandish controversy, used as a wall to protect their continued survival, by justifying this essential maneuver, to maintain control, authority, supremacy, and influence over their masses.

If they allowed and permitted a united “human race”, to live in total accord and harmony, then they would definitely be out of a job. Some well deserving descent necessary groups of the past have become disastrous dinosaurs in the present. Unfortunately a sinking ship would do anything to stay afloat and revitalizing racial tensions are vital and crucial to their survival.

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